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    Some of this will be repeats >.<

    For a nickname for Morgana: Mo, Ana, Mora, Mana, Rana, Manie, Morie

    Boudicca (BOO-di-kuh) Boo, Didi -- Roo and Boo is adorable. I sort of love this name. It isn't the best with Roo, but it has such a jazzy sound! It makes me think of night clubs and drums and saxophones...I'd end up calling her Booda >.<
    Bradamante (brad-uh-MAN-tee) Ante, Ada, Addie -- I just dislike the sound and I'm not sure why. It makes me think of a barbarian warrior woman >.<
    Calliope (kuh-LIE-uh-pee) Callie, Lia -- Gorgeous! I think Calliope and Aphrodite are fabulous together, but I hate that they both end in EE. You already have my imagery on this one
    Circe (SUR-see) Cece -- I like it pronounced with the proper hard Greek K so I've never been able to get behind it. I know this is the pronunciation 99% of people use, I just don't like it as much *foot stomp* :P Besides that, it just doesn't have a strong enough feel next to Aphrodite to me. She makes a hell of a middle, but I just don't think she has substance next to Aphrodite.
    Cleopatra (klee-o-PA-truh) Cleo, Leo, Panther, Cat -- Ah Panther Aphrodite and Cleopatra and magnificent. They absolutely rock. Cleopatra is strong, beautiful, independent
    Guinevere (GWIN-uh-veer) Gwen, Evie -- I've already beat this one over the head as to why Morgana and Guinevere don't make good sisters. To reiterate simply... Morgana raped Arthur, Arthur was Guin's's just awkward
    Gwenllian (gwen-LHEE-uhn) Gwen -- And besides, I MUCH prefer Gwenllian!!! Aphrodite and Gwenllian is very cool. They contrast each other much like Morgana does. Gwenllian is a warrior, she's tough, Aphrodite is a maiden and soft
    Hecate (he-KAY-tee) Cat, Katie -- Stunning. I adore Hecate. Like someone else said, she's very Samhain-y but I don't think you have to save her. She's darkness and fairy lights and dancing in the misty trees. I simply adore her with Aphrodite...except those EE endings!
    Hippolyta (hi-POL-i-tuh) Polly, Lita -- Meh. I just flat don't like the name. Other than that, it sounds sort of dead next to Aphrodite
    Isis (I-sis) -- YES!!!!! She's powerful, strong, beautiful, sensual...she's everything Aphrodite is in a smaller package. Say them together out loud -- Aphrodite and Isis -- they just flow into each other perfectly
    Isolde (ee-ZOL-duh) Izzie, Sola, Sol, Solly -- They sound great together, but I don't particularly like them together. Isolde is one of those that's pretty on it's own but the images and feeling is just flat next to Aphrodite and compared to the other names
    Jezebel (JEZ-uh-bel) Belle, Jess, Ezee -- I actually quite like Jezebel (I'd call her Jezzy). I don't care for the biblical stuff and will ignore it. Aphrodite and Jezebel sound weird together. Jezebel is so buzzy and mismatched. She makes me think of a field full of bees, a woman moving cautiously through the tall grass. She'd make a good middle
    Nausicaa (nawz-i-KAY-uh) Kay, Kaia -- I've never heard it said this way O_o I've only heard it pronounced naw-si-KAH. It's how it's said in Greek and how it's pronounced in the Miyazaki movie. I like it WAY better that way than yours, sorry. Your way sounds...I don't know just strange. I'm also wondering how you get Kaia (kai-ah rhymes with eye-ah) out of it? I didn't like Aphrodite with her pronounced my way but I don't like her even as a middle this way, sorry
    Nimue (NIM-oo-ee) Immie -- I like it a lot, but only as a middle. There's the EE ending which is fine on names with lots of substance like Calliope and Hecate but Nimue just doesn't really have it
    Niniane (nin-i-A-nuh) Nina, Nin -- I prefer Niniane a lot more than Nimue. She's so nice sounding. I prefer her as a middle as I think she's easily mispronounced and sort of clashes in my head with Aphrodite
    Olympia (uh-LIMP-ee-uh) Pia -- Like I said in the other thread, she seems sort of weird. Aphrodite and her little sister named after Aphrodite's home. I think Elysia (eh-lee-see-ah) would be better if you want a theme like this. It's a version of Elysian. the place where the blessed of the gods go.
    Proserpine/Proserpina (proz-uhr-PEEN/proz-uhr-PEE-nuh) Rose, Rosie, Pia, Prosie -- You know I love her with Aphrodite. She's strong, fierce, a fighter.

    So my top 4:

    Hecate -- My Amazon Author Page

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    Updates. Goodie.

    Morgana is safe but lacks a nickname. I like Mori, but it might be a bit tongue twistery with Roo. Mori and Roo said too fast comes out like Moroo. But that might be me. Nani maybe?

    Boudicca (BOO-di-kuh) Boo, Didi- small bias here because Didi is a nn of mine I'm surprised that I like it, but I feel like it doesn't match up to some of your other choices or to Aphrodite.

    Bradamante (brad-uh-MAN-tee) Ante, Ada, Addie nice nn options, but the Brad part kills this for me.

    Calliope (kuh-LIE-uh-pee) Callie, Lia. Oh the lovely Calliope. She is a little girl in pigtails running into a sunset, but also a strong beautiful woman kicking butt and taking names. Don't know why I see that, but it's also a little how I see Zoe. Love, love, love, Lia as a nn.

    Circe (SUR-see) Cece- Cece and Roo. Plotting and planning. Having tea parties and out running the boys. I see them with a little brother chasing them

    Cleopatra (klee-o-PA-truh) Cleo, Leo, Panther, Cat- the funny thing about your names is that I can separate them from the myths and stories they come from, but I can't do it for this one. I want to like it, especially with the nn Cat, but it's never done it for me.

    Guinevere (GWIN-uh-veer) Gwen, Evie- I'm really liking this one. I just wonder if she she seems a little blah next to Aphrodite.

    Gwenllian (gwen-LHEE-uhn) Gwen- vastly prefer Guineviere.

    Hecate (he-KAY-tee) Cat, Katie- hmm. Still need to give this one a little time. I like some of your other options so much more!

    Hippolyta (hi-POL-i-tuh) Polly, Lita- Lita and Dita? If that doesn't bother you, it is quite cute, but I'd be a little peeved if my mom named me a name with the word hippo in it.

    Isis (I-sis) on the same level as Circe for me. I think, however, it's one or the other.

    Isolde (ee-ZOL-duh) Izzie, Sola, Sol, Solly. A pp mentioned it is like Juliet for her and I agree.

    Jezebel (JEZ-uh-bel) Belle, Jess, Ezee- I know it doesn't matter to you, but I have way too many years of Sunday School in me to give it a fair shake. It's too bad, because I do love Zs in names.

    Nausicaa (nawz-i-KAY-uh) Kay, Kaia- the double a spelling feels off to me, but it is lovely

    Nimue (NIM-oo-ee) Immie- I pick Ninane.

    Niniane (nin-i-A-nuh) Nina, Nin. Swoon. I've loved it since it was on Roo's lists.

    Olympia (uh-LIMP-ee-uh) Pia. After Morgana, hands down my favorite. Pia and Roo is beyond perfect. My husband is chanting it over here if it gives you any indication of how he feels about it. She hanging out with Lia and Cece.

    Proserpine/Proserpina (proz-uhr-PEEN/proz-uhr-PEE-nuh) Rose, Rosie, Pia, Prosie. Pia is cute, but I like some of your other choices better.
    What happened to Zenobia?? Did I miss when she fell off the list?

    My top 5 from this update, in no particular order.

    My husband picks Olympia. Lol. He's cracking me up right now because I cannot get him to talk names, unless it is your lists.
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    Big changes since I last checked in! So I'll comment on each of the names individually and what colours I associate them with, and at the end give my top 3.

    Boudicca- an ancient warrior queen pairs perfectly with a mythological goddess, and totally rocks it on her own! powerful, strong, no-nonsense, brave, but feminine and not harsh at all. funny, until now I never thought of Boudicca as usable but I could totally see you with one. cool, light blues and teals, maybe a touch of seafoam green
    Bradamante- growing on me. old-fashioned elegance but a bit heavy and clunky. deep, dark, rich maroon and wine and purple
    Calliope- spunky, bouncy, fun. despite tons of history she feels very modern to me. oranges, yellows
    Circe- feels evil and deceiving to me because of a book I once read (the Gemma Doyle trilogy). I think of sneaky black cats and witches and a tiger's eye. gold, bronze, rust
    Cleopatra- sophisticated and feminine, but bold and strong and clever. I think of the Egyptian queen, of course; while she had her flaws I can see her good qualities that appeal to you for a namesake. mostly gold, with some silver and some orange
    Guinevere- pretty, demure, dainty, literary. Not a character that ever really spoke to me though for some reason. gold and yellow, because I imagine her with long, wavy golden hair
    Gwenllian- springtime and sunshine, a little girl dancing amongst the wildflowers in grass up to her knees. happy and cheerful, but without much weight. yellows, oranges, a bit of spring green
    Hecate- seems harsh and a bit witchlike, but kind of in a good way. Alluring with a certain bad-girl appeal, but probably more suitable for a middle. various shades of purple, black, slate grey
    Hippolyta- all I can see and think of is hippos, sorry. though I wouldn't be surprised if the meaning had something to do with horses. greys and pinks (like the colour of hippos, sorry!)
    Isis- surprisingly easy to wear- I know a girl named Isis who's rather quiet, and it totally suits her. but it's still a glamorous goddess! pure white and violet and dark green
    Isolde- haven't read the legend but love the idea that it's from one. classy, sleek, feminine but not frilly. feels very nautical for some reason. sea blues and greys
    Jezebel- I really wouldn't advise naming a child after this particular Bible character, especially since I've heard there could be unpleasant sexual connotations attached. browns and greys
    Nausicaa- I know this is a mythological name but don't know where it comes from. it sounds pretty though, and definitely nautical. my main concern would be spelling/pronunciation, but perhaps you/your child would be in circles where this won't matter. blues, whites, silvery grey
    Nimue- cute, dainty, sweet. but it doesn't seem like it would age well. can't quite see a colour for this
    Niniane- spunky, bouncy, peppy. I picture a friendly, sociable girl who loves being around people. modern sound but tons of history. bright oranges and reds
    Olympia- one of my personal favourites on your list, but almost seems too normal and familiar for you. I like the Mount Olympus connection. I would imagine an Olympia to be feminine but not a total girly girl. dark blue, some black and grey and dark purple
    Proserpine/Proserpina- I prefer Proserpina as it feels more complete. again, I don't know the story but it has a strong sound and is unique but wearable. navy blue, dark brown, desert sand

    Top 3:
    ~Love names, literature, royals and horses~ <3

    Favourite names:
    Girls: Azalea, Cordelia, Elizabeth, Rosalind, Scarlett, Felicity, Juliet
    Boys: Fitzwilliam, Sebastian, Percival, Oliver, Darcy, Orlando

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    Morgana - suggest Momo nickname, but you may not like this, love Morgana nn Momo
    Boudicca - nice one, lovely, but not my fave
    Bradamante - my second favorite
    Calliope - my third favorite
    Circe - I find this lovely, but prefer Boudicca
    Cleopatra - nothing wrong with it, just not my style
    Guinevere - lovely, but not my style
    Gwenllian - lovely, but prefer Nimue
    Hecate - prefer others, but OK
    Hippolyta - dislike
    Isis - lovely, but prefer Nimue, fith fave
    Isolde - prefer Isis
    Jezebel - ugly, sorry
    Nausicaa - it's OK, but you have much prettier names on your list
    Nimue - lovely, my forth fave
    Niniane - prefer Nimue
    Olympia - lovely
    Proserpine/Proserpina prefer Greek version

    My fave.
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    My favourites are Morgana and Isolde for first names [although there are lots of names on there that would be splendid as middles]
    Other names that I don't particularly get excited about but are perfect for you:
    Niniane [ah golly now I know how to pronnounce it, I am LOVING it. I like the nn Nim like from 'Nim's Island' or maybe that as a nn for Nimue]

    NN for Morgana:

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