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    I love the idea, not sure I love the super ancient sounding names. I did a little looking, and I found Earhart. that's kind of cool. It just seems less stuffy. it would be a lot to carry around a name like Cleopatra or Isis. Maybe you could look for name references from more recent names that still have a vintage feel?

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    Okay, like...

    Isolde (although this sounds like 'is old')


    Boudicca (reminds me of bodacious)
    Bradamante (the 'Brad' sounds like a boy's name)
    Hippolyta (not sure any girl would like 'hippo' in her name)
    Nausicaa (reminds me of nautical and the double a looks like a typo)
    Proserpine (sounds kind of pretentious)

    I don't really like Nimue or Niniane, but, if I had to choose, I'd go for Nimue. I think Niniane would run into massive pronunciation problems.
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    Boudicca - Boo and Roo! Haha, that would be cute. However, I agree with a previous poster that I don't like the "dick" in there. I do think both nicknames are totally adorable.
    Bradamante - Ante makes me think of poker, but Ada is fabulous and Addie is cute. However, this one is still totally masculine for me. I see "brad", "adam" and "man". Also, I sort of see manatee at the end.
    Calliope - Ooh, I love your pronunciation! Much prefer it to ca-lee-OH-pee as so many people pronounce it here in the states. What about Leo (or Lio) as a nickname? Your little lion! You could also conceivably get Pia from this. Or Calla (like the lily)? I really love this one, even though it shares a similar ending sound with Aprhodite.
    Circe - Cece is fab! However, this still isn't my favorite name. Morgana and Circe as sisters is witchy, especially with big sis named after the goddess of love. I don't think this can be used if you ever plan to have a Morgana. Middle name perhaps?
    Cleopatra - I like all of your nicknames for this one as well. Cleo & Aphro would be funny! I think the sibset is perfect together - but is it too perfect? Too themey? That's my only hangup.
    Guinevere - Evie and Gwen! I can't choose one. I love this one, I love Arthurian names. I prefer it over Gwenllian, to be honest with you. I think the "guin" beginning is very romantic looking. I almost see "revere" in there, which is nice. Vera as another nickname option, perhaps?
    Gwenllian - Like it but prefer Guinevere of the Gwen names.
    Hecate - Cat is fabulous; Katy is heard everywhere (at least where I live). I think first of the head witch in Macbeth, which isn't the *best* association for me (lots of murders!). I also don't love the sound of this one as much as some of the others.
    Hippolyta - First (and only) thing I see is hippo. If she's even the slightest bit overweight, it's bound to happen. Even if she's the slimmest little girl in the world, it still may happen. I would definitely avoid it!!!!! As a teen, I'm self conscious enough about my body without having hippo in my name. There's a great namesake, but not wonderful enough to justify the name.
    Isis - You could probably go Issy for this one as well. I like it, I'm just not sure it has enough substance to stand up to sister Aphrodite. It's definitely a short name that packs a punch, but I'm concerned it is still not *enough*.
    Isolde - Still love it! I like Solly as a nickname. What about Sola or Isa (ee-sa) as a nickname? It's a beautiful, brave name.
    Jezebel - I'm probably in a berry minority, but I like the Belle nickname. Still, the name itself appears harsh to me for some reason. Maybe because of the z? For whatever reason, I just don't love it. Also, it's really heavily biblical.
    Nausicaa - Still think of nausea, still think the double a is awkward. I don't like this one.
    Nimue - The lady of the lake! I prefer this one to Niniane. I like the softer, more lilting sound and the more romantic feeling it evokes. Perhaps Nim as a nickname? It was a girl's name in a movie my little brother watched recently. I think it's cute!
    Niniane - As stated above, I prefer Nimue.
    Olympia - Pia is cute, Olympia is gorgeous. Is the "theme" (Aprhodite & Mount Olympus) a problem for you? My one thing - for some reason I am picturing a fat person. I have a picture of the Fat Lady (from Harry Potter) in my head. I don't know why! I really do love the name though! That fat picture is just there for some reason! Maybe because I'm thinking mountain?
    Proserpine/Proserpina - Prefer the name with an "a" on the end. The accented PEEN sound at the end of Proserpine makes me think of penis for some reason (sorry to say that in your thread!!). I think Rosie is such an adorable nickname, but I don't think the spelling or pronunciation is totally intuitive. The first couple of times I saw the name, I thought it was Prosperina instead.


    Top Five, in no particular order =
    Nimue (I really came around to this one!)
    Honorable mention: Olympia (maybe tied for #5, I'm just getting that weird picture in my head tonight! It's late here...)

    Nimue over Niniane, Guinevere over Gwenllian, Proserpina over Proserpine

    I would definitely veto: Boudicca, Bradamante, Hecate, Hippolyta, Jezebel, Nausicaa

    Nicknames for Morgana: Do you think Angie is too close to Agnes? Or do you go by Ottilie in real life? I too have seen Morgs a lot for Morgana. What about Mo? Or Mori?
    Good luck Ottilie! And sorry for such a big post!!
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    Yeah, my top four hasn't really changed, I'll just provide explanations this time around.

    Cleopatra - Still my favorite. It's equal to Aphrodite, but greener and more sweeping and dramatic. And it has my favorite nn options-- Cleo is perfection, and Leo on a girl is one of my weird long-time obsessions.
    Guinevere/Gwenllian - Argh, I can't choose. I feel like I'm a bit biased because I've spent so much energy wishing I was a Guinevere. I'd say Guinevere stands up to Dita's name better, but Gwenllian feels more diverse next to Morgana.
    Isis - Love. Yeah, it's short, but its scope is just as large as Aphrodite's, if that makes sense. It's all sunset pink and mirage-y and smells like incense.
    Nimue - You just don't get that -ue sound in any other name; it's so unique and gorgeous. I like it more every time I read it.

    Honorable mentions: Calliope, Niniane, Olympia

    And then I have a bottom four, of ones I'm less enthusiastic about:

    Bradamante - Purely an I-don't-like-the-sound thing. I'm definitely a sounds person.
    Circe - Feels so much less than Aphrodite. Aph and Circe are kind of similar in my mind, except that Circe's not a goddess and is just kind of trying and failing to be as powerful and seductive as Aphrodite. I know that's not how the myths go, my mind has just linked them that way almost subconsciously. It feels like a wannabe name to me, which wouldn't be so great on a little sister.
    Hecate - Eh. I don't like the H. I get kind of a stick-in-the-mud vibe from H's, generally (Hypatia is the exception.)
    Isolde - Feels the same as Juliet to me; my brain just goes "Isolde=romance=boring" when I try to appreciate it.
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    Oh, I'm so sad Hespera's gone! She was my favorite.

    That said, here are my current favorites:
    Guinevere - I love her in combination with Aphrodite.

    Proserpine is growing on me too.
    Of the two, I prefer Niniane. It looks so beautiful written, and a little Nia would be so sweet.

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