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    hanks ladies! I should've mentioned that my sister is an Anna, so Anna, Ana, Annie, etc are out.

    Victoria; Angie and Morrie are cute! Love them.

    Twilight; Hypatia was cut, needed to narrow down somehow. If I stay true to myself it might be back in the morning. I love Mori as a nn, Gigi is cute but it's what I call my grandmother!

    Esswei; oooh, Proserpina nn Prosie is so sweet! Thanks!

    yreynolds; oh, Isis and Ramses, that is terrific! I don't worry about ninny, I've asked some of my friends and they've all been question marks.

    Lavender; I love Mora! And Ora. Thanks so much!

    Vics, again; thanks for commenting! Oh, I love Solly! So much better than Izzie. Nicknames obviously depends on the person, but having some in the back of my head is always good! Good top five.

    Ren my Ren; Morgs, yes, I know about this one... I'm planning on saving it for her goth teenage years. Mwahahah! We're all sad Pandora's gone... I shed a few tears, but I have an evil plan to bring her back. Okay, it's not super evil...

    Southern; I understand what you're saying. There's a nice contrast between the British and the Greek/Latin names. I feel like the Arthurian names, and Gwenllian, are all quite windy and fresh salty air, while the Greek are calmer and warmer.

    Ninanoo; I loved her on Merlin too. And Eva Green's portrayal in Camelot was fantastic. Boadicea is pretty, and I could call her Boa! She won't be chubby, we're both thin. I think I could have a Morgana and a Guinevere... if that fits. Cleo is sweet isn't it? Main question though, how could one possibly get penis from Proserpina? Thanks for all your comments!!

    Goodhope; I like Nimue for an Aquarius too. Ehm, so in England people don't really get nicknames unless they ask for them. Unasked for nicknames are usually not namerelated, so I don't think any of the nicknames concerns are valid. And Sola is really cute! Or I could just use Sol now that I think of it... thank you!

    Kibs; Ezee is cool! Thanks! And thanks for all the commenting

    Caity; Booty? Interesting... as I said, doubt it'd happen. Brits aren't that much fun and way too used to weirder names.

    C&P; you hardly like any of my names... need sobbing smiley again! I can kind of see what you mean though, at least with some of them. I see you picked out all the ones from the western parts of our land. Goodie!

    Gwen; my phone isn't letting me do anything on nameberry... Nimue is sweet. I go back and forth, but I think Niniane and Morgana have a too similar ending. And if I used both, my sister might think she was honoured.... twice. Oh, the horror!

    Hermione; I get what you mean, but Aphrodite has the same thing, not really worried about that part anymore. Thanks though!
    Thanks to everyone who listed their favourites, it's appreciated!
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    Quote Originally Posted by ottilie View Post
    C&P; you hardly like any of my names... need sobbing smiley again! I can kind of see what you mean though, at least with some of them. I see you picked out all the ones from the western parts of our land. Goodie!
    I didn't word that last post well- I do like more than the 3 I listed! I just don't think all of them are perfect matches with Aphrodite. You can tell from the names I like that I'm not very exotic so I'm well out of my comfort zone here and I'm probably not the best person to ask about your fantabulous names

    And, yeah, I did go a bit Welsh with my choices But your Welsh names are beautiful!

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    My favorite is Calliope - I love it. I think it could go to the nn Allie or Callie!

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    I didn't get to chime in on your last thread, but my top 3 from your list are:

    1. Gwenllian
    2. Calliope
    3. Isolde
    4. Proserpina (couldn't keep it down to 3!)

    I think I prefer Niniane to Nimue, but both are new to me and intriguing. The only one I didn't like was Nausicaa, mostly because I saw "naus" and immediately thought of nausea... :-)
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    Love Guinevere with Aphrodite!

    1. Guinevere
    2. Gwenllian
    3. Calliope
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