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    I don't see how naming a girl Luca is any dif than people who name their little girls Ryann, Jordyn, Elliot, Charlie, etc! I certainly don't think it would scar her. And if later in life she was bothered by having a 'boy name' she could always go by Lucy or some other variation.
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    What about Lucca Marina? I like Marin, but with Lucca, I think you need a feminine middle name. I like Vivienne as well. Maeve would probably be my least favorite mn option only because you have a clearly Italian first name and clearly Irish middle name (unless you are Irish ... Then it might be a nice way to honor both your DH and your heritage).
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    I think Lucia is very similar and the safer way to go. Lucia Vienne sounds wonderful.
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    I love the idea of Lucca on a girl.

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    In the US it wont raise too many eyebrows on a girl. There are girl Ryans, Elliotts, Charlie and James to name a few. I am not a fan of male names on females and I think if you have strong ties to Europe and Italy I would not put luca/lucca as her first name. She will probably want to visit maybe even study abroad if its an important family place. It would make her stick out. A middle name would be ok. I think it would be like meeting a foreign man named Georgia. If that makes sense.

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