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    Am I going to regret this?!

    My husband and I have basically only one name in mind for our little girl due in October. The problem is every time I google this name (big mistake) in the context of it being used for a girl, the feedback is mostly negative because it is known as strictly a boys name in europe. It ranges from "how can someone do that to a girl!" To "anyone who does that to their daughter is culturally ignorant" and even "pray that girl never goes to Italy because she will be laughed out of the country". Seeing these things definitely makes me question using it but I do love the name. I just don't want to scar my child. The name in question is Luca. Although we would spell it "Lucca".

    I've shared the name with a few friends and I've gotten really good feedback from some but I can't tell if they truly feel its a good choice.

    This is a name we've thought of for a girl since we were pregnant with our son (whose name is Oliver h@zen). The spelling of lucca with two c's would be in honor of the town in Italy my husband's family is from. Other names we've considered are Lucia, Maeve, Marin, mattea, Julietta or Juliette. None of these gives me the same feeling as lucca though.

    For middle names we are considering:
    Lucca Maeve
    Lucca Marin
    But my favorite is Lucca Vienne. I think the middle name has a nice tie to my name which also ends in ienne, especially since my Husband refuses to use my middle name Marie which all the women in my family have.

    So two questions:
    Am I going to scar my daughter by giving her an Italian boy's name?
    What are your thoughts on Lucca Vienne? I had never heard of vienne until very recently. Is lucca vienne too out there?

    Thanks so much for your insight!!

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    I've always felt Luca / Lucca to be feminine. It's the Lu- and the -a. I don't think a little girl with the name would be scarred.

    Ever met a female Kevyn? I have and I think that would be much more "traumatic".

    I'd also like to point out that Luca isn't solely a male name. In some places, Hungary and Croatia specifically, Luca is a girl's name. It's a form of Lucia and as such is pronounced a bit differently.

    As for the combos, Lucca Vienne is alright. Personally, I'd explore othe rmiddle name options. For instance, I think Lucca Vivienne would be lovely.

    Good luck!

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    While I don't like traditional boys names on girls, there are always exceptions to every rule. In your case, there is a family connection to the Italian town of Lucca, Italy so I can see the significance. The only issue I can see is the confusion that may arise if your daughter travels to Italy or ends up living there when she's grown. She may be mistaken for a boy. You will probably have to spell it out if you live in America. Lucca Vienne and Lucca Marin are two place names in a combo so they're not ideal (Vienne is the French version of Vienna). Lucca Maeve is my favourite combo. However, if you're going to choose Lucca to honour your husband's heritage, I don't know why he refuses to use Marie as a mn since it's a tradition in your family. Both sides should be willing to compromise.
    All the best,

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    I honestly don't like Luca/Lucca for girl or boy. I have always disliked the name. I love Lucia and Juliette!

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    Most of the Luca's I know are girls.

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