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    Names After Grandmothers

    Planning early TTC.

    The name needs to sound ok with sibling Amy-Louise (Doesn't have to be hyphenated and middles accepted also). I'm so annoyed as every name I suggest he doesn't like and most names I have family named after (due to a big family).

    I really love both my grandmothers names Harriet Nancy and Phyllis Beatrice. - He hates all 4 names.
    And my great grandmothers Harriette (My nan was named after her grandmother), Ivy Annie, Emily and Amelia. - He like Amelia & Emily but they are too close to Amy.

    I love all the names but my boyfriend doesn't like them I have Ivy Ann as a middle name option for a next child. I also have Emmeline for Emily and Amy for Amelia.

    I was just wondering if anyone can help me with the Harriet, Nancy, Beatrice and Phyllis. - For some variations of them for boys & girls names variations ok as well e.g Harry for Harriet. - No Made up names.

    Names That are Out:- Matilda, Mollie, Ava, Esme, Joey, Lola, Hettie, Dolly, Evelyn, Wilhemina, Clara, Jospehine, Emma, Phoebe, Max.

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