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    Names After Grandmothers

    Planning early TTC.

    The name needs to sound ok with sibling Amy-Louise (Doesn't have to be hyphenated and middles accepted also). I'm so annoyed as every name I suggest he doesn't like and most names I have family named after (due to a big family).

    I really love both my grandmothers names Harriet Nancy and Phyllis Beatrice. - He hates all 4 names.
    And my great grandmothers Harriette (My nan was named after her grandmother), Ivy Annie, Emily and Amelia. - He like Amelia & Emily but they are too close to Amy.

    I love all the names but my boyfriend doesn't like them I have Ivy Ann as a middle name option for a next child. I also have Emmeline for Emily and Amy for Amelia.

    I was just wondering if anyone can help me with the Harriet, Nancy, Beatrice and Phyllis. - For some variations of them for boys & girls names variations ok as well e.g Harry for Harriet. - No Made up names.

    Names That are Out:- Matilda, Mollie, Ava, Esme, Joey, Lola, Hettie, Dolly, Evelyn, Wilhemina, Clara, Jospehine, Emma, Phoebe, Max.

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    Hello Kelly Marie!
    Amy Louise is darling, let's see about names for new baby:
    Harriet - Henrietta, Etta(and all -etta/-ette names), Halle, Honey, Rhiannon(from "ri") for girl. Harry, Henry, Elliot (from -et), Ryan for boy.
    Nancy - Nina, Anna(and all Ann-/Anne- names), Tracy, Stacy, Patsy (and other -cy names), Cynthia (from "cy") for girl. Cyan, Natnan, Nolan for boy.
    Phyllis - Phyllida, Felicia, Felicity, Hollis, Phoenix for girl. Philipp, Phoenix for boy.
    Beatrice - Beata, Beatrix, Alice, Lettice, Clarisse for girl. Bryan, Beau for boy.
    I really like Ivy as well.

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    Thank you - Amy Louise is darling - Thank you her dad picked it so next is my turn.

    Henrietta -(We quite like this one), Halle - (I like this one but I know about 4 people who have named there kids Hallie/Halle/Hallie etc. so I'm afraid it's out), Honey - (I really love this one I'm just conserned about a 19/20 + year old girl being called Honey - I'd use it as a MN though), Rhiannon - (I really love this one and with me being welsh I love it even more)
    Harry - (We both love this Name), Henry - (It's nice but it's too popular now), Elliot -(I do like this one I will have to ask my boyfriend though), Ryan (I really love this one and so does my boyfriend).

    Nina - (Although I do love this name my best friend is called this), Anna - (I really like Deanna & Liliana but I'm unsure one Anna on it's own), Tracy/Stacy/Patsy - (I quite like Stacy/Stacey but my best friend is called Stacey so I cant use it - Tracy & Patsy are a little old for me), Cynthia - (I love this one). Cyan - (I'm unsure on this one how do you Pronounce it), Nathan - (I'm assuming this was Nathan - I do really like it but I'm unsure as I new 2 from school), Nolan - (I Will have to ask my boyfriend on this one as he knows someone called Nodan so I dunno if hed like this one).

    Phyllida/Hollis - (I will have to ask my boyfriend about these ones), Felicia/Felicity - (I really love Felicity), Philipp - (I love this as a middle name), Phoenix - (I do like this i'm just not keen as it's getting quite popular for both sexes and I'm not 100% on unisex names).

    Beata/Beatrix/Lettice - (I'm unsure one these ones maybe as a middle name), Alice - (I really like this but I have a cousin called this), Clarisse - (I quite like this one - I like Clarissa also NN Carlie/Lissa.), Bryan (I do like this one I'm unsure if it's a little dated though), Beau - (We like this one We had Harry Beau on our list at one point).

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    Any other names?

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    Harriet - Harela, Harmony, Hattie, Hatsy, for the Arrie sound: Aretha, Ariella,
    Nancy - Francesca (this is my aunt's name; but she goes by Nancy!) Nanette, Nanelle, Nanella, Annabel, Hannah (kind of works for Harriet & Nancy.)
    Phyllis - names with the "phil" sound Philomena, Philippa, Philyra (a legitimate name: meaning "lover of music" in Greek) "Liss" sound: Arlis, Alice, Elise, Adelise
    Beatrice - Bea, Betta, Beta, Beatricia, Katrice
    I hope these are okay!
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