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    I thought it was YIE-fay, as in it rhymes with "eye".

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    Thank you all very much but I am not sure how different between /yee-fei/, "yee fay", and "yiffy". I am not a native English speaker.

    I think the first syllable is read as /yee/ or /yi/. The latter is a bit short in pronunciation. Is that right?

    I read the second syllable as /fei/, approximation of the first part of "face".

    I do not know how "fay" and "ffy" are read exactly. How are they like /fei/ or something else?

    Thank you for your further help.

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    I thought it would be Yee-fay, with the ee like we and the ay like may

    Yiffy would be pronounced yif - ee - with the first part sounding like the word lift without the t; It would like the English words jiffy or iffy

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    I read it like yi-fay

    yi sounds like lift

    Fay sounds like the first part of face, like you said -- My Amazon Author Page

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    Thank you all so much. It sounds that it can be pronounced okay in English although it is not that intuitive.

    It is almost exactly yee-fay in Chinese and I think yiffy /yif-ee/ is also acceptable.

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