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    The only one I like is Walter. I wouldn't want to be called "Fish", Rockwell doesn't translate to use as a first name as well as other surnames do, and Bernard nn Bernie is just unattractive to me. What about James? Really, I think you need to use another name with a family connection. You don't want one twin to feel left out.
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    Harrison and Cabot
    Harrison and Lincoln (Presidential)
    Harrison and Ford (Presidential & Hollywood)
    Harrison and Jameson (slightly matchy)
    Harrison and George (Beatles)
    Harrison and Reed or Maxwell (law firm?)
    Harrison and Cole or Corbet or Drew or Gray

    I'd just check out the family tree and find another great surname!

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    Fisher is adorable, but Fish is just odd.

    I think out of your choices, I'd pick Walter, but I know there are many I'd like better. No offense.

    Harrison and Chandler
    Harrison and Jackson
    Harrison and Colin
    Harrison and Henry
    Harrison and Harvey
    Harrison and Samuel
    Harrison and Elliot

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    I love Harris, but not as crazy about Harrison. I love Walter from your list! Harvey and Walter would also be adorable.

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