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    Gwyneth "Gwyn, Wyndy" is really lovely and I see it working with the rest of the group. Rose is superbly sweet, but also superbly simple and it can be hard to reconcile the simplicity when you look at fabulously complex names like many in this thread. But Rose and Eve work together. I'll just leave this here, beautiful song: Irish Folk Song - Red is the Rose - YouTube.

    Alright, if you are done with suggestions let me know, but I have another batch for consideration...

    Altisidore - from Don Quixote
    Angharad - "Harry, Angie, Addie"
    Brunhilda, Brünnhilde - "Bruna, Rue, Rune, Runa, Hilda, Hildy"
    Clarinda - "Clary"
    Diantha - "Dia"
    Endelienta, Endelient, Edellienta, Endellion
    Fidessa - "Fia"
    Gloriosa - a type of daisy - "Glory, Gloria, Rio" or maybe "Rose"?
    Gwennan - "Gwen"
    Hannelore - "Hanna, Nell, Lore, Lorie"
    Jacaranda - "Carrie"
    Judith - "Judy, Jude"
    Verbena - "Bee, Vera"

    I'll also mention Viorica again and suggest the nickname Fia for it, a bit of a stretch but it could work.
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    A endings

    Y endings

    alternate endings
    Annabel - nn Annie / Mabel - (Annabel Rose/Violet)

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    It sounds like Charles one time mistress has spoilt the name Camilla for you, such a shame as it has great princessy potential. I am a big Princess Di fan too.

    Interesting to hear a little about Arthurian culture.

    I think someone suggested Olwen, it is such a pretty underused name.
    Psalm 23

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    Miranda? (Caspi@n, Zeph@n, Ev3, P3regrine and Miranda) - The Tempest!
    Phoebe? (Caspi@n, Zeph@n, Ev3, P3regrine and Phoebe) - means "the shining one" (I know a sibset comprising Eva, Phoebe and Meg and have always loved it!)
    Juliette? (Juliet) (Caspi@n, Zeph@n, Ev3, P3regrine and Juliette)
    Helena? (nn Nell?) (Caspi@n, Zeph@n, Ev3, P3regrine and Helena) - I love that it's in 'A Midsummer Night's Dream'
    Ophelia/Ofelia? (Caspi@n, Zeph@n, Ev3, P3regrine and Ophelia) - Hamlet
    Aravis? (Caspi@n, Zeph@n, Ev3, P3regrine and Aravis) - too Narnia with Caspi@n? I love this name though!
    Amoret? (nn Amy?) (Caspi@n, Zeph@n, Ev3, P3regrine and Amoret) - from Spenser's "The Faerie Queen"
    Henrietta? (nn Hennie?) (Caspi@n, Zeph@n, Ev3, P3regrine and Henrietta) - from Jane Austen's "Persuasion"
    Estella? (Caspi@n, Zeph@n, Ev3, P3regrine and Estelle) - from Charles Dickens' "Great Expectations"
    Viola? (Caspi@n, Zeph@n, Ev3, P3regrine and Viola)
    Cecily? Cecelia? (nn Cece?) (Caspi@n, Zeph@n, Ev3, P3regrine and Cecily; Caspi@n, Zeph@n, Ev3, P3regrine and Cecelia)
    Sorrel? (Caspi@n, Zeph@n, Ev3, P3regrine and Sorrel)
    Francesca? (nn Chessie, Frankie, Cesca) (Caspi@n, Zeph@n, Ev3, P3regrine and Francesca)
    Matilda? (nn Tillie/Millie/Mattie?) (Caspi@n, Zeph@n, Ev3, P3regrine and Matilda) - love the Roald Dahl book! I know a little Tillie, suits her so well
    Good luck! Sorry for another overload.

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    GENERAL UPDATE: Some really good discussion here and very helpful! I ran the last two lists of new ideas by hubby and he vetoed them all (they were…non mainstream).

    But I do have a couple of new items I’d like comments on:

    Fia-Rose. Is this a stupid idea?

    Vanessa. Is it as dated as I think it is?

    Other options still hanging on: Gwenyth, Gwendolyn, Scarlett, Rose, Daisy, Willow, Serafina

    Middle name favorites at the moment: Shenandoah, Edelweiss, Roxanne, Quinn, Serafina, Marigold, Livny, Pegeen, Beatrix, Iverine, Dulcinea.
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