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    I just want to say that I'm really impressed with everyone's name choices in general. This is not yahoo answers, that's for sure.

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    My little man O.P. arrived June 2015
    My sweet baby girl A.V. arrived June 2017
    Maeve Noelle-Violet Anneliese-Arianne Lily-Zoe Annabel-Gwen Emilia-Elena Odette-Caroline Mae-Ella Paige-Eve-Maren-Sophie-Rose-Nora

    Finn Jameson-Jack Emerson-Emmett Parker-Miles Alden-Henry Dean-Archer Daniel-Rhys Everett-Brennan Oliver-Cody James-Harrison Fox

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    It sounds like your husband likes very 'standard' names for girls, with a sweet overtone, and you like more evocative names. Interesting that your boy names are all what I consider 'exotic/evocative/unusual', though. Your husband must like that vibe more in a boys' name, which is the opposite of most folks! One thing I found that helped with my husband (for what it's worth) is if I explained, in detail, WHY I liked a particular name. It helped if I liked a name for many different reasons. Some times my husband would shoot down a name, but then if I explained what exactly I liked about it - the nn, the meaning, the ethnic background, some familiar/literary/place we'd been that had a tie-in, or just my vision when I said/pictured the name, etc.. he'd say, "Oh, yes, that IS a good name!" All after he'd initially told me he didn't like it. So maybe come up with your own list of names you like, and then write down, or verbally go over what all you love about them...i.e. the folk-song tie-in, how you can hear him singing it to her, etc...It might help! (and if not, feel free to ignore me!) And last but not least....if you're on number FIVE, then you get final say (at least in my book - hee hee)!

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    Miriam Lyric
    Lysandra Willow
    Letitia Willow
    Juliet Agnetha (inspiration ABBA)
    Linden Olivia (yes Olivia is too popular for you but it sounds good here)
    Judith Abigail nn Jude
    Aria or Ariana Juliet
    Psalm 23

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