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    Gwyneth (Gwyn/Winnie but you're not too keen on Winnie)
    Wren (snappy, fun, pretty and short like Eve, but gorgeous bird namesake)
    Good luck! I LOVE your children's names by the way. Caspian is no. 1 on my boys' name list!

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    God, sorry I keep commenting, but the CUTEST nickname for Wren would be Birdie. AHH.
    Good luck!

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    How about

    Jessamine (crap, just saw someone else suggest this, but it was all I could think of when I read your post)
    Aila is a Scottish name meaning "from the strong place," it can work on its own or as a nickname, maybe?

    Good luck!
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    Violet, Violetta
    Hadley (I think means fields of heather)

    Quote Originally Posted by saracita00 View Post
    A huge thank-you to everyone who helped me brainstorm ideas in my first go-round on a girls list. I've had the worst time understanding just what it is my hubby likes and dislikes, and working through the new suggestions there really helped us put a finger on what it is we are after.

    This seems to be our stylistic Common Ground:
    Eve/Evie (this is our first daughter's name)
    Dagny (we both love but sounds ridiculous with our surname)
    Willow (I love it but hubby is afraid people will mention a movie??)
    Saffron (both like, don't necessarily love, but it's the right style)

    He wants "cute" names, which to him are Evie, Dagny, Daphne, Phoebe, Lucy (all of these are out for various reasons). He says the "EE" sound at the end isn't a requirement. It has to have one, obvious, pronunciation. The spelling has to be non-complicated. You can have an unusual name, OR an unusual spelling, but not both (i.e. Ellowen, he says the name is unusual AND the spelling is awkward). Some names I've already tried that don't seem to qualify as cute/don't appeal: Cora, Ruby, Ivany.

    I want feminine -- obviously feminine, little bit mysterious, kind of naturey, maybe a little bit sexy but not over the top. Not too frilly.

    We came to an impasse on the longer names, because I like "complex and weighty" names like Magnolia, Magdalena, Sophronia, Anatolia. He likes lighter, "easy syllable" names like Serafina, Felicity, Emily, Natalie. The one compromise name that struck gold for us was Anastasia, which we already used as our first daughter's middle. Ophelia had the right amount of balance too but neither of us can get on board with the Hamlet babe. These longer names seem really, really, REALLY hard to find the perfect balance, and I think we're more comfortable in the other category, so I'm giving these a rest for now.

    I'd love to see any and all brainstorm ideas for our new category. I'm really excited because I think we might finally be on the right track!!

    Here's other info for anyone interested:
    1) This is baby #5 for us. The other children are C@spian, Zeph@n, Eve nn Evie, and Per3grine nn Pip.

    2) No C, E, P, T or Z names.

    3) No ends in S, T, or ER names (and preferably not N but it's negotiable).

    4) I don't care for any of the -LINE names.

    5) I don't care for any name with "loo" in it.

    6) DH will reject any name that resembles Eileen. Like Irene. Forget it. Also, any Mar- name is out. Both due to unpleasant family connections for him.

    7) We like nicknames.

    8) Meaning is important to us.

    Thanks, Berries!

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