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    Vanessa is lovely and as this info says it has been around a long time. I don't see it as dated at all.

    Vanessa is a feminine given name, especially popular in the United States. It was invented by the Anglo-Irish writer Jonathan Swift for Esther Vanhomrigh, whom Swift had met in 1708 and whom he tutored. The name was created by taking "Van" from Vanhomrigh's last name and adding "Essa", a pet form of Esther.[1]

    In 1726 the name Vanessa appeared in print for the first time in Cadenus and Vanessa, an autobiographical poem about Swift's relationship with Vanhomrigh. Swift had written the poem in 1713, but it was not published until three years after Vanhomrigh died. Vanessa has been adopted later as the name of a genus of butterfly by Johan Christian Fabricius in 1807.

    Vanessa was the 71st most popular name for girls born in the United States in 2007. It has been among the top 200 names for girls in the United States since 1953 and among the top 100 names for girls since 1977. It first appeared among the top 1,000 names for girls in the United States in 1950, when it appeared on the list ranked in 939th place.[2]
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    PS I have solved the Fia problem you could name her Philippa nn Fia! I think that is a perfect fit with baby's siblings too.

    Phillipa Rose as her full name and if you like nn of Fia Rose.

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    Just going back to your original list, I LOVE Serafina Rose, nn Fia Rose. Serafina is such a beautiful name! Serafina Quinn and Serafina Beatrix give it such a quirky touch too. Ahh, what a beautiful name! GL

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    Fiama? I was a teacher in a Montessori school and we had a little girl named Fiama (fee-ah-ma) but I can't remember how they spelled it!

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    I like Fia double barreled, but not with Rose. I see the arose problem and the problem with via Rose Tyler issue.
    What about Fia-Beth?

    some full names for you to get to Fia:
    Filia- greek for friend
    Fiducia-latin for confidence, trust
    Fiorella-latin, little flower, keeping with your Rose/Marigold/Daisy theme
    Fiorenza- Firenze was ruined by Harry Potter for you, but what about this girly version?
    Fidelia-doesn't rhyme with Cordelia, and means faithful
    Fiammetta-little flame
    you don't like Fillipa/Phillipa do you?
    Fiala/Fialla-means violet

    I saw your husband likes Felicity. What don't you like about it? (Just curious)
    What about Felicia?
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