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    I like Fia-Rose! It's very uniquely your name and its cute.. Plus I love that it means raven and you have a peregrine. The only drawback I see is that if you say it fast it can sound like feel-a-rose... And yes it could get confused with via but that's not the worst thing in the world. I do love all your other names on your consideration list so I really don't think you will go wrong with whatever you choose.
    Scarlett could have the nick name Scout scout and pip sound cute together!

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    What about Scarlett-Rose? It's a bit themey, but incredibly pretty. The nn Lettie-Rose is just GORGEOUS!
    Scarlett-Rose Quinn is beautiful IMO!
    For some reason, I've never been a fan of any of the 'V' names (Vanessa, Veronica, Victoria...) which is odd, since I LOVE 'v's in the middle of names (Eve, Guinevere, Genevieve). That's totally my opinion though! I have had some negative associations with Victorias, which probably accounts for it.
    I'm positive you've considered this already, but Fiona nn Fia is absolutely stunning with your sibset.
    Fiona Marigold
    Fiona Beatrix (ahh!)
    Fiona Livny

    Fia-Rose: I do think you might be overthinking it a bit! I'm sure everyone starts second-guessing eventually. Personally, I think it's incredibly beautiful and elegant.
    Good luck!

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    WDYT of these names to get the nn Fia:
    Philippa (Phia?)
    Vienna nn Via?
    Felicity (love this - great meaning too!)

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    @mousehouse7 – Your comment about your husband and the steak & potatoes made me laugh. I’m not sure I’m *quite* as angelic as I might appear; he usually lets me have what I want if he can stomach it, and I’ve stretched him and awful lot.

    The Latest: Considering Fia-Rose as a possibility, maybe Vanessa. Gwyneth, Gwendolyn, Scarlett, Rose, Willow, Daisy & Serafina are still hanging on the list.
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    I didn't read the last two or three pages in detail, but I've been lurking, commenting, and lurking to check the progress; and I just wanted to say that Fia-Rose is one of the first name ideas that has really grabbed me. It's kinda cutesy, I suppose, but not as much as Daisy; and it's unusual like your others, yet different from them; and it has Fia, which you really love, and Rose for your husband. And it has an elegance to it, as well. Fia-Rose Dulcinea is gorgeous.

    It seems to me you may be overthinking the "via" thing, but then the difficulties with Z's name were a surprise to you...if you can stand the idea, you might want to try Fia-Rose out on a few people to see their reactions. I also think of "He arose," as in the hymn, but I think that association is way more good than bad!

    Vanessa is pretty, too, and I don't really think of it as dated, but I like Fia-Rose much more. Best wishes!
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