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    Scarlett This has the same feminine and spunky feel of Eve so I like it as a sibset choice
    Gwendolyn A very pretty name not sure if it is best though
    Rose I still love Rose in the middle name spot
    Daisy Such a fun name, lovely
    Liberty I am sorry this is too much for me
    Wren This is wildly popular on nameberry but prefer it as a nn for say Robyn or Saffron or Lorren/Lauren/Brynn, Caron, Catherine (sorry have forgotten your naming rules).

    Combos just for fun

    Catherine Rose nn Wren
    Scarlett Willow
    Saffron Liberty
    Daisy Ruth
    Gwendolyn Margaret
    Psalm 23

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    In that case...
    Ruby Serafina
    Ivy Roxanne
    Scarlett Quinn
    Ruby Shenandoah
    Wren Edelweiss
    Gwenyth Livny
    Ivany Marigold

    Not sure what else to suggest at this point! You've probably seen everything! Haha! GL!
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    First name that popped in mind was Lorraine
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