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    I know I suggested Josephine nn Josie, but I realized that if you did Josefina you could use Fia as a nickname.
    Also, I'm not sure if you're aware of this, but Daisy is technically a nickname of Margeurite and the other Margaret names. I can't remember why, but I had a saint's name book, and they would list all the variations of a name under it (ie, Christine had Christina, Christabelle, [which I loved] Kristine ect...) Daisy and Pearl I think were listed under Margaret along with Margeurite and such.
    I've also always loved Jemima. Jem or Mimi make cute nicknames.
    And I think that if you did end up with Merry and Pippin and Sam, it would be more awesome than anything else. Especially since it wasn't planned. I mean, I have a friend named Lloyd in a family where the boys had L names (Lloyd and Lawrence) and the girls had M names (Myriah, Madison, and Magdalene) and he always wished his name was Luke (he goes by his middle name, James, but anyway) Had he been named Luke and I named Laya/Leia (or some other girl for that matter) we would've thought it awesome (especially since he's obsessed with Star Wars). I don't think you're overthinking it, but I don't think it'd be a huge problem, especially since it's not a negative connotation or a romantic pair (to my knowledge, anyway) Now if you were thinking Bella and had a son named Edward and they had a cousin named Jacob...(or Katniss, Gale, and Peeta) that might be an issue. hehe.

    My mom has that exact flower fairy book. It's illustrated by Cicely Mary Barker. I'm just going to list the names of the fairies in the book.
    Buttercup (princess bride reference...hehe)
    Rose (what about Rosalie? cutesy, no -line, I know Rosalind has some pronunciation issues [it's on my own top list, Roz-a-lind nn Lindy] but Rosalie's pretty easy to pronounce)
    Traveller's Joy
    Mountain Ash (Ashley, Ashby, Ashling (like Aisling, but easier to pronounce. I'm all for creative spellings if it helps with pronunciation. But with a name like Michaila...I have neither. ie, if you want Rosalind pronounced ROZ and not ROSE, spell it Rozalind or Rasalind)
    Hawthorn (as a mn?)
    Sloe (Sloane is a name, but this reminds me of slow...)
    Mulberry nn Berry
    Birch (mn?)
    Geranium nn Gerri
    Shirley (as in Shirley Poppy)
    Gaillardia (pretty, but hard to pronounce. The poem itself addresses it: There once was a child in a garden/Who loved all my colours of flame,/the crimson and scarlet and yellow-/but what was my name?/For Gaillardia's hard to remember!/She looked at my yellow and red,/and thought of the gold and the glory/when the sun goes to bed;/and she troubled no more to remember,/ but gave me a splended new name;/she spoke of my flowers as Sunsets-/ Then you do the same! nn Gaia?
    Fumitory nn Tory
    Poppy's cute- too bad Pip and Poppy sound so weird together.
    Snowdrop nn Snow (yeah, that's out there, but Snow's starting to grow on me. Fairy tale reference!)
    Tansy (I always loved Tansy when I was little. Even used it as one of my main characters in my first play- a half fairy, half human child who had a twin named Bridget. There was also a Lady Priscilla...the only thing good about the play was the names)

    Personal faves: Snowdrop, Tansy, Holly, Rosalie
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    A Eve and Faye combo-I just love it!
    current favorite names:



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    Sometimes a very subtle perspective shift can make all the difference in the world. Congrats on the breakthrough! I was flipping through the ethnic lists in one of my name books yesterday, so here's another stack for ya (I'm listing the given meanings--not sure if they're all correct):


    Alethea ("truth")
    Althea ("healing")
    Anthea ("flower" I think all three are lovely, but they might get the ax right off because all three have pronunciation issues as to which syllable receives the accent. I recently met a lovely elderly lady named Alethea, pronounced al-uh-THEE-uh. I think that's prettier than al-EE-thia.)
    Arethi ("virtue")
    Clio ("glory, praise" A new favorite of mine which is probably out because of the C initial...)
    Obelia ("needle" I thought of Ophelia. Kinda weird meaning, though.)
    Theta (a Greek letter)


    Azaria ("whom Jehovah helps" I think omitting the final H helps clarify the pronunciation as ah-ZAHR-ee-ah.)
    Elza ("my joy is God"; also a Slavic version of Adelaide, "noble")
    Ivria ("from the other side of the Euphrates" or "from Abraham's land")
    Ketzia ("cinnamon" Similarly, I think this spelling instead of Kezia or Keziah clarifies the pronunciation as KET-zee-ah.)
    Ofira/Ophira ("gold" Also similar to Ophelia. With the "gold of Ophir" reference. I like this one for you.)
    Ora ("light")
    Oralee ("my light" A version of Orli. Might be too similar to "Aura Lee"? Or maybe you like that?)
    Rivka (a version of Rebekah)


    Annuska (a version of Hannah; I suppose your sister's name might muddle this one)
    Ila and Ilka (versions of Helen)


    Sula ("gannet," a seabird)


    Bedelia/Bidelia (versions of Bridget--but have your kids read the Amelia Bedelia books?)
    Maura and Moira (versions of Mary)
    Oona (I just saw this suggested above, and I really like it for you. I know you were slowly warming to Una, and this spelling has an extra Gaelic charm and no possibility of mispronunciation--I don't think.)
    Orla ("golden lady" I also like this one for you.)


    Astri ("divine beauty" or "divine strength")
    Norna (the name of one of the Fates, or so my book says)


    Iona (an island in the Hebrides. I think this is lovely, but it does have some teasing potential: "I own a what?")
    Lorna (place name)
    Maisie (from Margaret; similar to Daisy)
    Mhairi (from Mary; pronounced MAHR-ee, I suppose this is a likely mispronunciation candidate)
    Sheena (feminine form of Sean, John)


    Imelda ("all-embracing battle," from the German Irmhild. Rather intimidating meaning.)


    Delyth ("pretty" or "neat" I know you've seen this, as it was on one of my lists, but I didn't know if you'd considered it.)

    And one just for yours and your husband's special enjoyment (get ready): Dragomira! It is Slavic and means "glory of the day." Talk about a dragon name! Just had to include it.

    Okay, my personal favorites for you from this list are probably Ofira/Ophira, Oona, and Orla. (O names, hmm...) Anthea, too, but I think the iffy accent could be this one's death. (But maybe now I'm making the mistake of trying to guess what your husband will like!)

    Well, sorry we haven't struck gold yet, but I'm glad you have a prospect of better communication, and I'm really beginning to realize there are an awful lot of girls' names. Surely "the one" is out there somewhere! Happy searching!
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    Whoa long thread. I'll try again. Maybe you should consider.....

    Gillian/ Jillian
    Andrea / Andria
    Adriana / Adrienne
    Mommy to Carter James born 09.03.2013


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    I vote for Willow. I also like Shiloh and in ten years nobody will remember it's a celeb baby name. And I like Ellowyn and it's not trendy.

    I am not a fan of wren, but if you like bird names, how about Lark? It grew on me after I met somebody I liked with that name.

    Other suggestions are Esmerie, Angelica, and Mercedes.

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