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    Wow, what a thread it is! So many ideas, such a difficult husband to please...and girls' names are not my specialty; I'm awfully picky about them myself, for some reason.

    I could be wrong, but I didn't think there were two pronunciations of Shenandoah; I thought the last syllable, "ah," was just sort of slurred into the next word in the song, to make the rhythm work. I do think it would make a rather lovely name--definitely the most spectacular thing on your updated list. I also think Wren is especially cute. For me, though, none of the others on the list quite have the sparkle of your other children's names. But if they sparkle for you (and if hubby is on board!) that's more important.

    A few rather random suggestions, just for the sake of throwing something out there:
    (First I went to the Czech/Slovak section of my book since I found a few boy gems there, but it didn't yield so much for girls.)

    Darie (dah-ree, feminine form of Darius; hubby would probably chuck it because of the possibility of rhyming with Marie, hmm?)
    Dusana (doo-sha-nah, derived from dusha, "soul, spirit")
    Iveta (ee-veh-teh, from Yvette, "yew tree," "archer")
    Kveta ("flower", pronounced about how it looks, I think)
    Marta (a form of Martha)
    Martina (feminine form of Martin, of course--hey, a more obvious way to honor Martin Luther?)
    Monika/Monica (have you considered Monica? She's familiar but not too common--a drawback is the uncertainty about meaning.)
    Pavla (feminine form of Pavel, a version of Paul)
    Vera (you like Verity; have you considered Vera?)

    Bryony (I've already seen this suggested. You said Briony wasn't doing anything for you, but I prefer this spelling. I really like it, but when I say it out loud it does sound like a feminine version of Brian. It just seems, with your liking for Dagny, Ivany and Livny, that Bryony might appeal to you.)
    Jocelyn (haven't noticed this suggested. I really like it and am liking the nickname Josie for it lately. I do have a crush on it as a boy's name, as I read an Elizabeth Goudge novel with a great male Jocelyn, but I don't think it reads anything like unisex these days.)
    Jessamyn (another favorite; the Y spelling eliminates the different shades of pronunciation possible with Jessamine)

    Rats, I just noticed those two end in N. Well I did decide just to throw some names out there...I really must go, but if I think of more I'll be back. Best wishes!
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    Just to throw it out there... my grandmother's name is Neroli (orange blossom) and she goes by Nell. (I have a neroli & jasmine perfume and it is out-of-this-world amazing).
    Good luck!

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    @jem - What a cool name! Hubby won't know how to pronounce it, but it's awfully sweet. Thank you for throwing it in!

    Current update: My favorite suggestions here have been Nova, Roxanne, and Livny, but they got shot down. The only two that have survived hubby's veto are Wren (no cute Birdie nickname) and Liberty, which we've added to the list with Willow and Saffron. None of these four has us swooning, but we could live with them. I totally appreciate all the great ideas that have been thrown out here! I'm thrilled to see more if anyone has them.

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    For Nellie as a nn, you could do:
    Eleanor / Elinore
    These might be stretching it a bit, but:
    Gwendolyn?.. Although, I like Wendy best for that one

    As for Bonnie, I'm pretty sure that is usually a stand alone name, so a full name is more difficult. Maybe
    Bonita? Bronwen?

    Is Fia out as a nn, or just as a full name? What about Fiona nn Fia?

    More random ideas:
    Lucinda nn Luna

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