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    Oh, wow, for some reason, I didn't see these responses from so long ago! Thank you, thank you! (I hate it when people don't respond to their posts...) I think Crash and Bang are hysterical!

    We ended up going with Molly and Huck, though their story turned out to be a very sad one. We brought them home from the shelter and both passed away, separately of unrelated things, in just one week's time. One had pneumonia that we didn't know about until we brought her home and the other seemed to have something the vet called Fading Kitten Syndrome. Just the worst.

    We got a new kitty this month, just one. She has the Halloweeny-est face, black and orange with a big white triangle in the center and then a black diamond nose like a jack o'lantern. We call her Wednesday for Wednesday Addams, and luckily she seems pretty healthy so far. But I will keep Potus and Pim and your suggestions in mind for Wednesday's future friend.

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