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    Quirky Names for Two Fuzzyfaces

    Boyfriend and I bring home two rescue cats tomorrow, each one decked out in a cone of shame and one likely shaved down to a lion's cut because she was so matted. We plan on taking lots of embarrassing pictures...

    Anyway, we have several pairs of names we are excited about--but how to choose!? One is a little boy kitten, a tabby with white stomach and feet. Seems spunky and brave. The other is a girl about a year old, a tuxedo cat with a dainty white chin and longish (matted) black fur who was reserved in her cage but all too eager to stick her nose into the palms of our hands when we met her in the Interaction Room. Super sweet!

    BF and I love a lot of books and TV shows, particularly Sherlock, the West Wing, House of Cards, Boy Meets World... We tend to like funny or spunky names over elegant, old-fashioned ones. Currently on the table are:

    1. Potus and Pim - short for President of the US (a la West Wing) and Prime Minister (PM). Po and Pim are so cute....
    2. Molly and Huck - Toby Ziegler's twins on West Wing. I love this pairing, but (gawd I am such a name snob) Molly is so common for cats these days haha... But little dude definitely works as a Huck.
    3. Scout and Huck, or Finch and Huck - is a TKAM name too hipster even on a cat? I like that they come from different books so if we even have another cat we won't feel tied to one book....but then again, who cares? This is the choice I am least sure of...
    4. Feeny and Topanga - I have planned to name a cat Feeny since I was in high school, so this feels like a nobrainer, but it is hard to picture Feeny on a kitten and Topanga isn't the easiest name to cutesy up or shorten...Tang, Panga? I suppose Poppy works, but it doesn't sound like Topanga which might confuse the poor thing...

    We have also brainstormed Macklemore and Ryan Lewis (Mack and Lou), Lemony and Snicket, Flannery and Truman, Sherlock and Irene/Moriarty/Mrs. Hudson, Fred and Ginger...

    I'm embarrassed to have composed such a long essay about my cats' names, but blarg, there are so many options so I thought I would call in a little back-up...

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    I like a lot of your combos. My favorites are:

    Molly and Huck
    Fred and Ginger

    All the best,

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    I love, love, love Potus and Pim. Quirky and original.
    Ingrid | Kit | Esclarmonde | Alistair | Susanna | Emun

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    Rhett & Scarlett
    Ricky & Lucy
    Ozzy & Harriet
    Beezus & Ramona
    Harry & Hermione
    Biscuit & Marmalade
    Crash & Bang (My cat Crash lives up to his name regularly)
    Elvis & Priscilla

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    My favorite is definitely Potus and Pim! So creative and cute. Second place is Molly and Huck, though Mack and Lou is also awesome.

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