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Thread: It's a BOY!

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    It's a BOY!

    Hi Berries.

    We are having a boy! We are so excited but we do have troubles finding the right name.
    My favorite boys name has been James. But my hubby's brother is named Jaimy (James) and we
    don't want to repeat any family names.

    We also have a problem with some beautiful names that cause pronunciation problems
    in Holland. Like Arthur and August.

    So at the moment we have two names we like.

    Graham and Henry

    The combo's would be:

    Graham Arthur Monroe
    Henry Arthur Monroe

    Which of the two do you prefer?

    If we ever have another boy his middle names will be August Reid.


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    Henry Arthur is handsome but are you sure you want such a popular name? Graham Arthur flows a bit worse, in my view so I prefer Henry Arthur(and I like Henry better than Graham as well).

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    I much prefer Henry, thats because here in Australia its very dated.
    Henry Arthur Monroe is beautiful.
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    Firstly, its a shame you can't use Arthur, I really adore that name! But I do also really love the names Henry and Graham and either sound great with Arthur Monroe. I would probably choose Henry Arthur Monroe, congrats on a little boy!
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    I prefer Graham to Henry. Good luck!

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