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    Need a Russian name...

    My SO and I want a dog. We've been thinking about it for a long while and have decided on getting a Borzoi. We've looked into the breed's temperament and everything and it seems that this dog would be a perfect fit for us.
    I want the name to be as Russian as it's breed name. So I can say "This is _____, the Borzoi" when people ask "What is that?"

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    The first name I thought was Boris, ever before opening the thread. It would be quite an alliteration, haha!

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    casilda Guest
    Vasiliy was my first thought.


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    I also thought of Boris right away (although in Russian the "Bor" part is not emphasized), but some other options would be: Sergei, Nikolai, or Pavel.
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    Alexei or Anastasia would be cute. Or Rasputin, Tolstoy, or Dostoyevski for something a little edgier.

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