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    What do you think of some new names that I've been considering?

    I have a top 5/6, but some of these new names are giving them a run for their money - although I'm not sure if they have staying power.

    What do you think of...

    Lucy - Too cutesy? I'm not sure if it would age all that well and I'm not a fan of any of the longer names that lend itself to nickname Lucy.

    Josephine - I think it's beautiful and love the nickname Josie, but I'm not sure if they feminization of Joseph will eventually make me regret using it.

    Mary - Is it too religious? Too popular? Too boring? I am not religious at all and I normally don't like really popular, uber traditional names; however, I find this name beautiful and sweet.

    Susanna - I'm not sure if I like this name in itself or I just love the idea of nicknames Zanna or Sookie.

    Tessa -I've always thought hissy, 'ss' names were a little unsubstantial but my mom kept mentioning this name when I was pregnant with my daughter and I'm sort of liking it now. I really like the nn Tess, but what kind of girl do you picture with this name? For some reason, I feel like it has a trendy feel to it...?

    Ramona - I've always liked this name and grew up adoring the books. I love the nn Mona, but are Mona and Nora just too close? Not to mention - "Moan-ah"..?
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    Lucy is a little cutesy and not my favorite lucy name. However I think it is a nice name. My mom just uses the term Lucy gooesy, so that what I think but I think that saying is kind of old, so I don't believe you need to worry about that.
    Josephine-I like it, I just prefer it as a middle name.
    Mary-I think it is lovely. It is in the top 100, however it is not as popular as it was before. I haven't meet a little girl named Mary.
    Susanna is lovely, I just prefer the Susannah spelling.
    Tessa- I like it, although I like Tess more. It has a more vintage feel to me. I picture a girl with dark hair kind of like Gemma Arteton(sp?) in Tess of the dubervilles
    Ramona is nms probably because of the moan-ah thing. It is still a nice name.
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    Lucy - it's OK

    Josephine - dislike, find ti masculine and ugly

    Mary - yes, uber religious. at least to me. That's the name religious parents will chose if they have a child (at least in Croatia, maybe it's different in USA)

    Susanna - I like Susanna, and prefer it without a h. Susanna, alternative spelling rules! (at least Susanna)

    Tessa - it's OK

    Ramona - I once love it and I still find it nice.
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    Love Tessa. I think she could be sweet and sassy, pretty but possibly tom-boy, calm and strong minded. For some reason I picture strawberry blonde hair. Not fond of the other names listed, although Susanna could grow on me (please vote!)

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    Lucy - I think it is cute, but overused.

    Josephine - Yuck. Never liked it or Joseph.

    Mary - Not too popular in my area. And I love Mary Tess. Just sayin'. Could go by a double name or just Mary or just Tess.

    Susanna - No.

    Tessa -I like Tess. Love Tess of the ......(insert proper spelling here)

    Ramona - Love it, but have Mona. Once people are used to calling Ramona, I think it would be ok.

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