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    A special way to Annie

    We find ourselves drawn to Julianna and would use the nn. Annie. We give our children grown up names with a nn. so simply Annie was not an option. When I looked at Julianna it was ranked a bit higher than I would like. Could you make suggestions on other ways to get to Annie?
    We have already decided not to use Anouk, Annette, Anabel, Anna-Marie, and Annika. I am wondering of some gem I may have missed. I love Luciana, but we know several Lucys.

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    Anais! pronounced (ah-nye-ess) and its actually a form of Ann.
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    Och, love Annie. I've opted for Hannah nn Annie, but it's mainly because Hannah has very special ties to both my mom and grandmother. I love the idea of Anouk nn Annie, too! So sweet.

    What about Arianne nn Annie? Similar appeal as Julianna/Juliana, imo, but much less popular. There's also:

    Mariana (met the cutest, most solemn, shy and hopeful little girl this summer at my church's VBS whose name was Mariana! It's so unexpected yet lush and streamlined. And Annie could easily work!)
    Johanna (similar flow and sound and look to Juliana, but much less common!)
    Angelina (or Evangeline, Angelica, Angeline, etc.)

    And another personal favorite--Agnes nn Annie! In French, Agnes sounds like ahn-YESS, so Annie makes tons of sense as a nn for it--plus, I think even AG-ness could easily yield Annie. I think it freshens Agnes up and makes it more usable for those who find it fusty still. I think Agnes is gorgeous, regardless of pronunciation--I've loved it for years.

    Good luck!
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    Johanna. But be sure you really want to give up on Julianna - it may look high on the charts but do you actually know any others? I certainly don't.

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