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    Siblings having different amounts of middle names

    Question. What are your thoughts or opinions if within a family if one sibling is given two middle names and the other only one?

    This question is hypothetical as I am pregnant with my first, but I have chosen to include two middle names if its a boy // Soren Alder Grey \\ and only one if its a girl due to the length and rhythm of name // Eulalie (Fleur?) not sure on mn here \\ but what do you think? Is this okay to do ?

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    I think its fine. I've actually been thinking of this a lot lately for my future children. I'm not pregnant and I don't have any kids yet, but I plan to give my sons 2 middles and my daughters 1 middle. We just personally have more men in our lives that we want to honor in one of the middles. The second middle for our sons and the mn for our daughters would honor their heritage. I also know some siblings that have different amounts of middle names and they don't care at all. The one with less doesn't feel left out or like she has less of a name.

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    I think it's absolutely fine. However, I would think ahead on what you will tell the sibling with less names should they ask why their brother gets and extra name and she doesn't. I can picture it becoming a petty grievance for a little girl. But you could always just tell her the truth, or just say that you couldn't find another name as beautiful as her. But I think it's no big deal at all.

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    I think siblings should have the same amount of middle names. I don't think it's fair if for example the sons name is just Thomas and the daughter for example is Jane Ruby Elizabeth.

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    I don't think it's a big deal at all. Children will find injustice in just about everything ("His cookie is bigger than mine! She played two levels on the X-Box and I only played one!"), so if they make a remark about having a different number of names it will just be another day in the life of a parent - they'll get over it quickly and it certainly won't scar them for life.

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