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    I love Margot with Leo! I could see if you had picked Rio for a girl, and your husband was worried about Rio and Leo, but to be honest, Margot and Leo go so nicely together! If you do go with another name, I would go with Penelope - I love it with Leo.

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    I also love Margot with Leo! Margot is so pretty!! I do also love Evangeline! What about Evangeline Margot?
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    It's a shame he's having second thoughts. I think Margot Elizabeth/Victoria is beautiful.

    Have you considered Elizabeth Victoria on its own? I think Leo and Elizabeth would be a great sibset. I'm not a big fan of the other names, sorry. I do agree with the poster who said you could always use Margaret instead of Margot.

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    I agree with DH they are a bit match, I prefer Genevieve

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    I think that Leo and Margot would be stunning. But I do also like the idea of Genevieve Alice. I think that name is just so pretty and there are tons of nickname options too! Good luck!
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