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    Well crap.My husband is having second thoughts on "the" name...

    Thank you so much
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    Margot is okay by Leo, but I have to agree, it is kind of matchy.

    With Leo and Augustin, my first pick would be Genevieve -- a trio medieval, yet timely, and completely wonderful. Considering nn Gus in the mix though, I think Emmeline would be my pick, because it seems less romantically medieval and a little bit more modern.

    Good luck!

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    Have you thought of using Margaret as the first name? Margot as a nickname with Leo isn't so bad, but Maggie can also come from Margaret. They all mean the same thing and come from each other. Or you could just do Maggie.

    Another name that is similar to Maggie is Agnes, with the nickname of Aggie or Ness or Nessa. Leo and Agnes sound good to me.

    Otherwise I like Genevieve "Eve" or Evangeline "Eve" or "Angie".
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    I like the idea of Penelope... Leo, Gus, and Penny just sound cute.
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    Oh my can you talk him out of it? My name is Caroline Margot and I have been known by my second name for a long time and I love it. It feels so right. I think it is elegant and sophisticated and fits well with the handsome Leo.

    To avoid matchiness you could chase another derivative of the name but in the end your family will be known as Margot and Leo.

    My mother was Margot too.

    I just love Evangeline she is so perfect, just my style. I would choose Evangeline Marguerite though as I find Margaret rather clunky whereas Evangeline Marguerite is light and air and loads of femininity.

    Genevieve Alice, I must say that I was in love with Genevieve for years but she has been pushed to No 2 spot now that I love Evangeline so much.

    Penelope is not for me. We had one girl at school named Penelope but her nn of Penny was all we knew her by and I quite like Penny.

    Can't wait to see your short short list.

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