View Poll Results: Ragnar, Riordan and Roderick?

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  • Ragnar nn Ron

    9 20.00%
  • Riordan nn Rio

    15 33.33%
  • Roderick nn Rook

    21 46.67%
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    I'd say all these make much better middle names that first names. Ragnar is interesting, but can you really see a baby Ragnar? It's a name for a dragon. Riordan is ok but the nickname Ron, Dan or Danny is much better than Rio - with Rio I just think of barely-clad samba dancers.

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    My vote went to Ragner, it seems to have the most meaning to you, and I think it would be awesome to meet a little Ragner. I can see him having to repeat and spell it for people, but that's not something that would have to bother me as I've had to do that my whole life and my name's not at all unusual (Alyssa, top 50 the year I was born). I think you would have to do the same thing with Riorden, which would be my second choice because of the nn Rio. I think with Riorden you would also get a lot of mispronunciation when it's read aloud though. Personally I'm not crazy about Roderick, but it does seem like it would be the most recognizable if that's really important to you. The nn Rook is cool, (much cooler than Ron) so if you could find a good mn for Ragner to give you the nn Rook that would be awesome! It really just needs to end with a k or hard c so their are lot of possibilities if you want a more recognizable mn. Ragner Eric and Ragner Patrick are the first two that came to mind for me.
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    Ah! Someone else likes Ragnar! I adore Ragnar. It's strong and handsome and the perfect boys name I think. Please, please don't use the nickname Ron though. Ragnar is just wonderful by itself and doesn't need a nickname. Also, Ron just doesn't really work as a nn for Ragnar.
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