View Poll Results: Ragnar, Riordan and Roderick?

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  • Ragnar nn Ron

    9 20.00%
  • Riordan nn Rio

    15 33.33%
  • Roderick nn Rook

    21 46.67%
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    Cool Poll: Ragnar, Roderick or Riordan, with nicknames

    Please vote for your favorite! I love all of them, so if you have time to comment, I'd especially appreciate feedback on these. I realize that nns are not everybody's thing but we like them.

    Thanks, Berries!
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    I voted for Riordan. The nn sold me on it as well. (:

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    I'm not a fan of Roderick - contains both "Rod" and "Dick." But Rook is exquisite. A stroke of genius.
    Ragnar is so beautiful. Snowy and fierce, manly.
    Riordan is handsome, but it doesn't honor your heritage in any particular way, right? Seems more.. free-floating to me. I like Rio, but not as much as Rook.

    So my suggestion is to find a middle name for Ragnar that will yield Rook:
    Ragnar Faruq "fah-ROOK" (gives your husband his Q, an Egyptian name, meaning "he who can tell right from wrong")
    Ragnar Nanuq "nah-NOOK" (or Nanook, though the Q is the more authentic Inuit spelling) means "polar bear"
    Ragnar Caradoc
    Ragnar Brook

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    I was going to be naughty and vote for both Ragnar and Roderick, especially now that you're pondering the possibility of mixing up the nicknames, but I see you've set it up to accept only one vote apiece So mine went to Ragnar, as it seems to be the one that will work best for both of you. I'm seriously thinking of polling my friends, though, to see what reactions Ragnar gets from a few non-name-nerds. But I do love Rook (and Roderick)--let us know how the pondering plays out!

    I like Riordan, by the way (and Rio), it's just that it seems more lightweight for you next to these other two.
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