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    Eloise Violet <3

    Eloise Violet Joy is adorable!

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    Eloise was my first choice for my daughter ( favorite name ever ) but Sadie Eloise had a better flow than Eloise Sadie. Eloise with most names sits better as a middle but not Violet in my opinion so my vote goes to Eloise Violet Joy

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    Violet Eloise sounds better, but I like Eloise more than Violet.

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    Violet Eloise is so sweet! i LOVE love love Violet.
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    Violet Eloise has a better flow imo, so it gets my vote, but you can't really go wrong with either. Adding Joy defiantly helps the flow of Eloise Violet, which sounds a little choppy to me, but Eloise Violet Joy does not. Which is your favorite, Eloise or Violet? Which ever is your favorite should be the first name imo.
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