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    Thank you Pam & Linda!

    I had no idea I was a name nerd until I found this site. I've been reading the blog religiously for over a year and have been completely enthralled.

    I am so thrilled to announce that my husband and I had our first child, a boy, on July 31st at 8:38 am Texas time. The name we ultimately chose was one I never would have imagined before finding this site.

    Our son is named Peregrine Griffin Batchelor and we are calling him Pippin as a nickname.

    After researching just for fun while TTC, my search began in earnest when we found out we were having a boy. I knew I wanted to wait until he was born and we saw what he looked like before we made the final naming decision, so for months I've been working on a short list.

    My husband and I finally narrowed it to 9 names total (firsts & middles) the nught before he was born. Peregrine had been a favorite from the beginning but when I saw him we both knew it was perfect. Griffin is a family name way back on my husband's side. I originally didn't like it much, especially with Peregrine as I didn't want the double bird names issue, but he had always loved it. After we chose Peregrine, we both agreed that Griffin just felt right with it.

    We've gotten a lot of comments good & confused from family & friends as we had not shared ANY info about name possibilities beforehand. In general, they love it, but most importantly we do and I would not have had the confidence to pick something so different if not for your site.

    I love Peregrine for its meaning (traveler), its Latin root (my husband studied Latin in HS), the Saint name connection (Catholic families), the bird link ( the fastest falcon on earth) and the geeky cred (Tolkien hobbits!).

    Griffin was not an early favorite of mine, but I do love the connection to my husband's family, as well as the mythology & Harry Potter (Griffyndoor) connections (again- we're geeks!) as he was born July 31st (Harry Potter's birthday in the series).

    I know this post has gotten quite long, but I just wanted to say thank you again! We are so happy with the name & ,of course, absolutely in love with the little man who carries it!

    -Emily Ila Batchelor
    Proud 1st time Mom to
    Peregrine Griffin Batchelor
    <3 emily ila

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    Congratulations! Peregrine is such a lovely name and Pippin is a great nickname.

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    Congrats! What a wonderful name for your little lad and he's a lucky one to share B-day with Harry!

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    Congrats to you on the safe arrival of your baby boy, Peregrine. One of my favourite nature names with depth and history! Welcome to the world, little Pippin!
    All the best,

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    Congrats on your first son!

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