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    Boy name to go with Eric Alexander & Isabella Grace

    As of now, I am considering Matteo/Mateo Cruz or Daniel Cruz?

    Open to other name suggestions?

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    Matteo Cruz sounds great, but it doesn't sound like it really goes with your sibset. If you don't care about matching, use it. (:

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    I like Matteo, but I don't think it matches your sibset. Even though Isabella goes well with both names, Eric stands out as very Anglo/ American while Matteo has a very Hispanic/ Spanish feel.

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    I really love Matteo and Daniel! With Eric and Isabella, I like Daniel better, but I've been crushing on Matteo a lot lately, and I love the nns Matt(y) and Teo. There's just something about Isabella and Daniel together, though--I love the pairing! And I find Eric and Daniel slightly more compatible than the classic Eric with the more exotic Matteo. I think they both equally work with Isabella, though, and if you want to save one, I think Eric, Isabella, Daniel, and Matteo would work well together for a sibset in the future. As they are, Daniel Cruz gets my vote, though.

    Good luck!
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    I don't think Matteo goes with Eric and Isabella. How about Matthew? That would be lovely with you children's names.

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