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  • Maple Eve Sparrow

    12 66.67%
  • Easter Minnie Clementine

    2 11.11%
  • Ireland Winter Eve

    4 22.22%
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    Please help with my poll!

    I would like opinions on these names and combinations.
    Please feel free to vote and share your thoughts!

    Thanks Berries!

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    Ireland Winter Eve sounds like an odd holiday. lol I chose Maple Eve Sparrow.

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    Personally, these three combos are too heavy on the words. They all sound like descriptions of THINGS rather than a person's name. One word name per combo is advisable to avoid this problem.

    Maple Eve Sparrow - tree, time of day, bird (I'm thinking of a bird in a maple tree at night)
    Easter Minnie Clementine - time of year, nickname or body size, fruit (a vision of a very small orange at Christmas)
    Ireland Winter Eve - place, time of year, time of day (a dark cold evening in Ireland)
    All the best,

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    These names are a little too free spirited for my personal taste. From your names, I like:


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    I chose Ireland because it sounded the least kitschy. Here are my suggestions based on what was given

    Minnie Clementine
    Clementine Minnie
    Sparrow Easter
    Eve Maple
    Eve Clementine
    Ireland Sparrow
    Ireland Clementine

    I think Eve as a middle name sounds too much like a holiday.

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