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    I do remember reading about the sound associations, though my daughter's name ended up being half conservative and half liberal. It's funny what names my husband and I do and don't agree on, given that he's conservative and I'm liberal. We both prefer to use less common names but nothing made up. He likes Bay's (nick)name because of Bay Buchanan and because he grew up sailing and I like her given name Bayard because someday she will learn about Bayard Rustin and everything he did for gay/ civil rights.
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    What about us Libertarians?

    This sort of makes sense. My parents are die-hard republicans and they named me Toni and my sister's mn is Jo (following the unisex theory).
    My IL's are democrats that named their sons Jason and Dustin at the peaks of their popularity.
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    I dunno, cause i see examples where his research is spot-on, but i see equally as many where it falls flat. Like my super-democrat dad and moderate-democrat mom named us a weird mash-up sibset: one sister has a trendy (at the time) unisex name, the other has an extremely uncommon made-up name, i have a classic name that's been in the top 100 since about the 1800s.

    My extremely-conservative sister and my extremely-liberal sister have exactly the same taste in names. My conservative sister finds name inspiration from literature, my liberal sister just uses family names or whatever she likes the sounds of. They both prefer soft-sounding boys. And I find myself right in the middle, as always: I'm politically moderate, I'm the most educated of the three of us, and my taste in names is the same as theirs, but slightly more Brit-inspired than theirs (which i chalk up to my obsession with BBC TV shows)

    Perhaps it has more to do with how you grew up, or where you live, or how passionate you are about your political stance?
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    Quote Originally Posted by smismar View Post
    What about us Libertarians?
    I don't have as much hard evidence, but looking among the libertarian-authoritarian dimension libertarians tend to be more free-thinking and less into family names than for example the South where usage of family names is stronger.

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    tct1219, so interesting about how one conservative spouse and one liberal one come to an agreement on names! Let me know if you ever want to write about that.
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