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    Cyprian or Crispin

    Do you think Cyprian and Crispin are too close for brothers or am I just over thinking it? If you do think they are too similar, which do you prefer? I love Cyprian for the NNs Cy and Ian. I especially love Cy for the connection to Cy Young and baseball. While Crispin on the other hand gives the best image whenever I hear it. It has an Autumn feel to me and whenever I say it, I can just smell Autumn in the air, hear the crunching of leaves, feel the chilly breeze, taste carmel apples, roasted marshmallows, and Thanksgiving dinner. It just excites all my senses! It doesn't really seem to have any NNs that I like. Cris is ok but not my favorite. The meaning "curly-haired" also has a special connection to me. So which would you choose Cyprian or Crispin?

    If it helps the combos will most likely be Cyprian Luke or Crispin Elliot but could change.

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    I personally think they are too close .....

    I would go with crispin. I like the way it sounds more. You seem to really like it already. NNs risp. Pin. Spin. Crisp. Crispy. Rispy.
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    I don't like either but if i had to choose I would go with Cyprian. Cyprian might grow on me but I will never like Crispin. It just doesn't sound like a name to me. Plus I would never want anyone to call me Crispy.
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    I wouldn't use them as brother names - almost all the sounds are shared. Personally, I like Cyprian better; I pronounce it like sip-ree-an. But, since you seem to love Crispin so much, maybe you should go with that. I saw that someone once suggested using Pip as a nn for it. Pip is traditionally linked to Phillip and Peregrine by way of Pippin, but I think it works for Crispin too.

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    I love both the names but they are much too close, especially for twins, keeping individual identity is important. Perhaps moving one of the names to the middle spot would be more ideal.

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