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    Baby Girl due in 30 days...husband and I can't agree! HELP!

    UPDATE: Husband now likes the name Teegan. I do not like the sound of that name, nothing more than that.
    He thinks my favorite, Aven, is too masculine, which it isn't. It is an Irish girl's name, but this is the Americanized spelling. I've made further updates in bold below. I thank you all for the suggestions, if you could keep them coming, I would appreciate it!

    Eden was almost "the name." However, I couldn't' quite commit and I made the mistake of reaching out to my sister for her opinion. Our rule was, no opinion from people close to us so we don't' get our decision influenced. She was hesitant at first, then admitted it wasn't her favorite. She said it made her think of a stripper. Since then, its allure has faded for me..... Does anyone else think Eden has a negative connotation like that?

    Only 30 days left and we're BACK at the drawing board. I thought we were gonna go with Eden, but it didn't "feel right." No name does really... I like names that are not common, but not off the wall either. My husband likes short and sweet and well known. Right now it feels like this baby will never get names. I REALLY do not want to be making a decision at the hospital!
    These are some names we like. Some, he will not get on board with, but I'm still including them.

    evaline - husband thinks it sounds like evening
    eden - i feel slightly weird about the origin of the name, but still like the sound, just can't commit
    eva - still like
    adele - off the list
    lila - like the sound, but think it clashes with our last name
    aven - really like, husband not into it
    jolie -off the list

    Surname is Riley, and big brother is Noah. Evaline is pronounce AVE - LEEN. Also, would really like to use the middle name June -honor name. If not, we will use middle name Noelle or Annaliese. I appreciate any feedback on these names, or other name suggestions. We do not want a name that is too rhymey with Noah, or starts with an N.
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    -Eva: The sister of over-popular Ava, but still a lovely name.
    -Eden: LOVE. The sound of it is awesome.
    -Adele: It sounds so sweet and gentle.
    -Aven: Daring choice and lovely name.

    -Evaline: I just don't like the sound of it.
    -Lila: Too popular.
    -Jolie: I can't help but to think of Dolly Parton.. Sorry.

    Currently searching for that perfect name...

    The Favorites For Now (constantly change):

    Esperance, Dagny, Victoria, Isis, Aurora, Astoria, Calypso, Pearl, Photini, Circe and so forth..

    Zayden, Ambers, Phoenix, Gabriel, Barnabas, Ethan, Roman, Sol, Auden, Oleksander, Jensen, and so forth...

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    Disagreeing on names is annoying, but normal. Here's my take on these...

    Eden- Short, sweet, cute. I have this on my list also, so I could be biased.
    Eva- Feels like a nickname, but I still like it a lot.

    Adele- I officially associate this with the singer, now. Had never heard of it until her.
    Lila- I'm just not a fan.
    Aven- Reminds me of avian (a bird.)
    Jolie- Doesn't make me think of Dolly Parton, but it's still not my cup of tea, stylistically.

    Lucy- Similar to Lila
    Alice- A short classic.
    Elise- French-y like Jolie.

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    Evaline pronunciation seems a little confusing to me but its a nice name. Eva, Eden, Adele and Aven could all work with June Riley.

    What about...
    Aventine June Riley
    Aveline June Riley
    Adeline June Riley
    Ivory June Riley
    Etta June Riley
    Alvina June Riley
    Elvina June Riley
    Amisa June Riley

    Lila Riley and Jolie Riley have the same sound repeated in both surname & first name, which I personally don't like.

    All the best & I'm sure you'll agree on a wonderful name for your daughter.
    Please vote on my names list

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    I like Aven, it is different and sounds cute with Noah. But I also really like the suggestion of Etta and also Pearl. I know what you're talking about when you say no name jumps put as THE name Hang in there!
    I'm Lacey Mommy to Aidan William, 20 months.
    I love names, animals, and spending time backpacking and camping and really anything to do with the outdoors!

    Planning for TTC our next baby this year!!

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