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    I love Mary-Kate, but not with Fiona... Sorry. How about:
    Mary-Kate Felicity
    Mary-Kate Beatrice
    Mary-Kate Rebecca
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    Mary-Kate sounds amazing. It is linked to Mary-Kate Olsen but I think current generations of babies wouldn't even make the connection.
    I think a first name with a hyphen doesn't really require a middle name. Even though Mary-Kate Fiona sounds very nice it really is very long considering the surname.
    On the other hand 2 middle names is not a rare thing nowadays and it doesn't seem to bother anyone.
    Try considering Fiona Mary-Kate to avoid the stigma of MK Olsen or consider droping the hyphen.
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    I like Mary-Kate! But with Fiona, it is a little too many syllables. How about

    Mary-Kate Alice
    Mary-Kate Pearl
    Mary-Kate Rose
    Mary-Kate Iris
    Mary-Kate Ivy
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    I am a traditionalist, so I just don't like hyphenated names. Would much prefer Mary Kathryn who goes by Mary Kate. I do like the flow of Mary Kathryn Fiona though.

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    Thanks very much to all. Appreciate the feedback but still feeling stuck. I don't know why I'm trying so hard to make this name work, I have several others on my list and never considered a double first name before. Oddly enough, I'm really not a fan of too middles or no middle at all. I can only see myself keeping it on my hospital list if I find the perfect middle name. Mary-Kate Nora is on my mind lately. I wonder if this obsession to make a name work means its THE one, or maybe I need to move on. We'll see!

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