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    Mary-Kate Fiona.. Opinions and/or suggestions please:)

    Shocked myself by adding Mary-Kate to my list, but can't stop thinking about it lately! Mary being my MIL's middle name and Kathryn being my mom's first name (went by Kate most of her life), I like that it would honor them both in an unexpected sort of way. After thinking about whether to make Mary-Kate a first name, or do Mary as a first and Kathryn as a middle, I decided I really prefer Mary-Kate as a first name (with the hyphen). Id like to give her her own middle name that's just for her, not for family members. I'd love the middle name to be Irish and I keep coming to Mary-Kate Fiona. I have a three syllable Mc last name though and worry that this is too long? I considered a shorter middle like Mary-Kate Sloane or a two syllable middle like Mary-Kate Deirdre but none seem to flow as nicely as Mary-Kate Fiona. Just worried about first, middle and last names all being 3 syllables. WDYT?

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    The name is forever connected to Mary-Kate Olsen for me, unfortunately.

    Much prefer Mary-Kathryn or Mary-Catherine.

    That aside, Mary-Kate Fiona "McNally" is beautiful, but a mouthful. It doesn't flow particularly well. Mary-Kate Deirdre McNally sounds smoother to my ears.

    Other middle possibilities: Siofra (you could pronounce this either Sheefra or She-uh-fruh depending on flow), Alastriona, Brigid.

    How about the Irish variant of Catherine, Caitriona? Mary-Caitriona called Mary Kate?

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    Thanks, Cosmo! I did grow up watching the Olsen twins but I've decided not to let the association bother me. It's too pretty of a name to let her own and I need to not let every little thing bug me anymore or I'll never find a name! You're probably right about the name being a mouthful, just can't quite shake it yet! Any more suggestions for a middle name, anyone?

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    I'm also not a fan of the flow, sorry. I do like Mary-Kate though.

    Mary-Kate Claire (might be too "k" heavy)
    Mary-Kate Eve
    Mary-Kate Paige
    Mary-Kate Elle (or Ella)
    Mary-Kate Anne
    Mary-Kate Elise
    Mary-Kate Laine
    Mary-Kate Reese

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    I feel like double-barreled and hyphenated first names tend to be a mouthful with a middle name. For example, Mary-Kate Olsen doesn't have a middle name at all. I like Mary-Kate and love Fiona, but Mary-Kate Fiona Mc_____ (I'm imagining it with my last name, which is also a 3-syllable Mc name) is too much for me. What about Fiona Mary Kathryn (2 middle names) or Fiona Mary-Kathryn? I think they flow much better in that order.

    Or...what about using Irish forms of Mary and Kathryn? Máire-Caitlín? Moira-Catriona? Maura-Kathleen (Anglicized spellings)?
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