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    I like Winter on a boy.
    While the nn Winnie seems feminine, Win seems masculine to me.
    I say if you like it, go for it.
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    While I first think of the name as feminine, I can totally see a boy rocking Winter.

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    Winter seems feminine to me. I like the suggestions of Winters, which seems much more masculine. I also liked Frost and North.

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    I do not think Winter is too trendy, and I love that you plan on using it on a December baby! It is a pet peeve of mine when people use seasonal/month/time/day names on babies not born at that time (i.e., baby girl April whose birthday is in September). However, I do automatically think of it as a girl's name. That isn't to say I can't stretch to imagine Winter on a boy (though I have a hard time with Summer, Spring, or Autumn as masculine) but it would definitely be a stretch.

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    Never considered Winter on any baby nor have I ever met anyone with this name so I don't attach a gender to it. I've known men named Wind and Wynn so I don't see a problem with Winter

    Funny, how some people randomly assign gender to words. They usually say 'I know a girl with this name' but that's a lame reason.

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