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    When it rhymes with Emmy, I consider it girly. With the French pronunciation (ray-mee), it registers as masculine for me.

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    A friend just named her daughter Remington, NN is Remi. Remington is actually a gun. The NN Remi is girly to me, but the full name, Remington is boyish, so to me it works either way. I really like it no matter if it's used for a boy or girl.

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    I think that Remi is cute on a little girl. I would never name a boy that. However, I do prefer Romy, I love Romilly, and also Ramona nn Romy. Any of them would be adorable!
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    @stephykneejo... I have Ramona nn Romy as my TOP name right now but for some reason I do like Remi as well ( though they would never be used in a sib set!!!!)

    Quite a difference of opinions on this subject! I glad to see that there are some that DO like it!

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    My brother's name is Remy, and it's a French all-male name that means "boatman," so for me it's all boy.
    I'd definitely use it as a nickname if you're using as a girls' name - Romy is a lot more feminine to me as well.

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