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    Love the name... How would you spell it?

    I love the name Ciara/Kiera/Keira. My favorite spelling is Ciara, however, I am afraid it would constantly be mis-pronounced as Sierra in the USA. How would you spell it?

    Here is the nameberry blurb about the name...
    "Kiera entered the American popularity list in 1988 and has been slowly been making its way up the list, though lagging behind the alternate spelling Keira, largely due to the fame of actress Keira Knightley. The original Irish spelling is Ciara, the name of an early saint (who was said to have put out fires by the power of her prayer) which was the most popular name in Ireland a couple of decades ago. Ranking at Number 190, Keira is the more popular spelling, but Kiera is the more authentic--though both have pretty mush lost their Irish accents."

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    I'm guessing you want it to be pronounced as keer-ah?

    Well since most people know how to pronounce Keira Knightley's name, spelling it Kiera or Keira would make no difference.

    However I pronounced Ciara as Sierra when I first read it. Most people will, as well.

    Keera, Kira, or Kirah are really obvious spellings of Keira, to make sure people pronounce it correctly.
    Cira, Ceera, or Cirah will most likely be pronouced as Seer-ah. To be honest I think that's cool, but you want a hard K sound.
    If you spell it as Kiara, it will have the hard K sound but will probably be pronounced kee-ar-ah. Which, again, to me is cool.

    If you want people to know how to pronounce the name right away, but be as close to the traditional spelling as much as possible, I would go with Kiera or Keira.

    Personally I like the spelling Kira or Keera, maybe because it looks more exotic and less tame. I never spell names too differently from the traditional spelling, so this a rarity for me.
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    I like the russian version... same pronunciation... legitimate name but easier spelling.... KIRA
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    I would either go with the authentic Ciara and just get used to correcting the inevitable pronunciation problems or go with Keira, since that's probably the most familiar spelling for the pronunciation you want, thanks to Keira Knightly.
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    This is my name! For me it's spelled "Kiera" so obviously I think that's the prettiest. Here are my opinions on each of the spellings:

    Kira- This has always looked a bit harsh to my eyes.
    Kyra- I feel like this would constantly be mispronounced "kye-rah"
    Ciara- This would definitely be mispronounced as "see-ehr-uh" all the time. I actually knew a girl with this spelling and she pronounced it that way.
    Keira- This is the second best spelling, in my opinion, but I think it looks "round" compared to Kiera. I just think the i looks better before the e.
    Kiera- The clearly superior spelling :P However, I have had people call me "key-ehr-uh," but as the name's become more known that has stopped happening.

    I'm always happy when I see love for this name on nameberry. I love my name.

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