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    Adler- reminds me of Irene (Adler) from Sherlock Holmes
    Annabel- makes me think of Swiss Miss-esque girl. Also the name of a dairy cow.
    Avery- Avery Jessup, Jack Donaghey's wife on 30 rock. Hilarious character with deplorable qualities. Also, it's the name of a company that makes labels.
    Bellamy- nms. sounds like made up italian.
    Dahlia- Black Dahlia... but other than the murder thing, I adore the name. I think of Dahlia as being a stone cold fox. Exotic, mysterious, beautiful.
    Daphne- Daphne from Frasier. not a fan.
    Delilah- can't disassociate name from "Hey there Deliliah" song
    Georgia- meh
    Greer- nms
    Indiana- not a fan
    Kendall- Ken Doll. also, just please no.
    Magnolia- love it. It feels like I envision a magnolia flower: soft, sensual, pure, southern, beautiful
    Rowan- love it. Feels very prep school.
    Sadie- love it. A little sassy.
    Sawyer- Kind of like it, but I think I don't like it as much because it's a cross between "sailor" and "lawyer" (and it makes me think of a specific classmate of mine who I dislike)
    Sloane-very Ferris Buller's day off. I like it though.
    Sutton- like it. mildly masculine, but I can see this being a unisex name that becomes strictly feminine.
    Tallulah- Would love it more if it weren't the name of one of Bruce Willis' daughters

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    Collmcc: thanks for your thoughts. I love the way you described Dahlia and Magnolia!

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    Adler - This really comes off as a boys name to me.
    Annabel - I know an Annabel, and her parents call her AB. Would be scared of the Bella nickname, as it is sickening.
    Avery - Love this name for a girl! A lot of people think it should be strictly boy, but to me it is all girl.
    Bellamy - Love the name, again with the Bella nickname.
    Dahlia - Not a fan, reminds me of the black Dahlia.
    Daphne - Reminds me of Scooby Doo. Definitely would go with other popular names now.
    Delilah - Dated to me.
    Georgia - Would prefer Georgina or Georgana.
    Greer - I like the name, but it rhymes with queer (would be more of a problem for a boy, I think.) Could be cute.
    Indiana - I like this name, unless you live in Indiana. Also like the name Indigo.
    Kendall - Dated to me. A lot of Kendalls around 12-13 years old now.
    Magnolia - Cute nn Maggie. Wouldn't pick it because nickname would always be used and no one would call her Magnolia.
    Rowan - On my top favorite list!
    Sadie - I like this one a lot, very nicknamey but I like that.
    Sawyer - Good girls name, would actually get called Sawyer and not a nickname.
    Savannah - Dated/low class to me.
    Scarlett - Pretty good.
    Sloane - Very Ferris Bueller's Day Off (great movie). I actually prefer the name Ferris for a girl, if that is the connection your going for. Or Simone if you aren't, they're similar to me.
    Sutton - Very boyish for me, and also sounds like mutton.
    Tallulah - Too sickeningly sweet for me.
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    Stephykneejo: Thanks for your thoughts. I was worried about how candy coated Tallulah may seem as well.

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    Adler- Reminds me of Grace Adler from 'Will & Grace' haha. Agree that it skews masculine but if it's significant it could work in the middle.
    Annabel- I love this name. Reminds me most of the poem 'Annabel Lee' by Edgar Allen Poe.
    Avery- Not a fan of this one. I think of it as a masculine name and a trendy one at that.
    Bellamy- I really want to like this name, but I never do. Great nn options I suppose? But I'd rather just see Belle or Amy(biased) used alone.
    Dahlia- I think of 'The Black Dahlia' which always makes it feel a bit macabre, but I once worked with a very sweet girl with this name.
    Daphne- Scooby Doo! Haha, my son is obsessed with that show right now, but I also think of the Greek nymph. I like this name.
    Delilah- "Hey there Delilah..." Sorry. That darn song will forever be the first thing I think of and it irritates me to no end.
    Georgia- Honestly... I think of the state. It's the closest one to me so it might just be geography, but I do see why people like it as a name.
    Greer- This name is all Greer Garson. I am not a huge fan of this one personally, but there have been some absolutely great threads about the name from mothers who have used it or been considering it for their daughters. If you want to be convinced to love it I highly suggest looking them up.
    Indiana- I also think of the state for this one, but I do not like it as a name the way that I can objectively like Georgia.
    Kendall- I've known both male and female ones and unfortunately no positive associations with any of them. I also kinda think of the Amazon Kindle.
    Magnolia- This is a huge guilty pleasure of mine. I picture the flowering trees on a warm Southern evening. I think it's incredibly pretty and feminine.
    Rowan- I am also a big fan of this one. Probably one of the most versatile of the nature names if you ask me, strong but beautiful.
    Sadie- A bit nicknamey and I've known a lot of pets with this name so it tends to skew canine to me (sorry). Also think of a Sadie Hawkins Dance.
    Sawyer- First thought, the handsome [male]character from 'LOST'. Second thought, [female]Peyton Sawyer and her daughter from 'One Tree Hill'.
    Savannah- I have a close family friend with this name and it works really well on her. I like it much more than just Georgia.
    Scarlett- Scarlet Johansson who I like. I think it's sultry and sexy, and color names are very "in" right now, as long as you don't mind popularity.
    Sloane- Not a fan of this on boys or girls really, but no bad associations. A similar name that I like a bit better would be Spencer.
    Sutton- I had a very harsh math teacher named Mrs. Sutton. I would never be able to overlook that bias but you should be fine haha.
    Tallulah- The meaning is Amazing- probably one of the most desirable for a name ever- but for some reason the sound just doesn't do it for me.

    Hope that was helpful. I tried to focus more on references just in case you weren't aware of any of them. Good luck! =]
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