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    Adler - This name doesn't stand out to me at all. Its pretty plain, no matter what gender you like it on.
    Annabel - Its so frilly and I'm getting tired of this name to be honest.
    Avery - Very popular. It used to be new and interesting, but its becoming the new Everly.
    Bellamy - Very frilly and I'm not a fan.
    Dahlia - Over dramatic.
    Daphne - Cute and rarely used now a days. Its petite but not in a helpless way. I like the -phne sound the best.
    Delilah - I see this a lot and I'm just not into it anymore.
    Georgia - Very cute, a vintage becoming revived and cool.
    Greer - I like this more as a middle name or a second first name. Lily-Greer (as an example.)
    Indiana - Love this on girls. Indie is a cute nickname.
    Kendall - Ken Doll.
    Magnolia - Love this name. Maggie and Nolia are cute nicknames too. I also love the trees.
    Rowan - I like this name but its becoming really popular and I wouldn't use it on my own child anymore. I like the nickname Rowe or Rowa.
    Sadie - Very under the radar and humble, friendly, but the child would have to bring out the name's personality. Sadie by itself is plain.
    Sawyer - I like this name, but its becoming just as popular as Harper.
    Savannah - Never liked this name.
    Scarlett - Pretty in theory. Not really many nicknames that are as flattering as the full name.
    Sloane - This is becoming the next Sawyer or Harper.
    Sutton - On its way to becoming the next Sloane.
    Tallulah - I really like this name, but I prefer it without the H on the end. Lu or Lula are cute nicknames. I am afraid its going to become the new alternative to Delilah, though.

    Some good combo's of your names:

    Georgia Annabel- Clunky but chic Georgia balances out the frilliness of Annabel.
    Dahlia Sloane- Chic and mysterious. Sloane as a first name lacks, but as a middle name adds a lot of character.
    Daphne Greer- The petite first name is balanced out by a stronger middle.
    Magnolia Greer- same.
    Bellamy Greer- same.
    Tallulah Sadie- Uncommon paired with common balances out nicely.
    Rowan Sawyer- Super hip name, but you'll probably run into similar combinations.
    Scarlett Sutton- Double S and double T's looks visually appealing as well as sounds great together. It does sound like a first and last name, though.
    aurora- autumn- ashwyn- bambi- bernadette- calliope- emmalou- henriette- indigo- ione- january- lark- leela- llewellyn- lydia- marnie- molly- narnia- noelle- oralee- penelope- philomena- rain- raven- roxy- ruby- snow- tessa- thora- waverly- willow- winter- wren- zoe | abel- aesop- angus- banjo- bartholomew- bear- bruce- burkley- darwin- elliot- finn- flynn- foster- henry- indigo - knox - laszlo - lyle - navy - nemo - noah - otis - oakley - rainn - thatcher - thomas - thompson - titus - zen

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    Delilah - love
    Scarlett - love
    Sawyer - I go back and forth on this one. I actually don't mind it on girls.

    Adler - masculine definitely, but I don't really like it for either gender.

    The others are just okay. Avery, Rowan, and Sutton are only dislikes here because I prefer them on boys.

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    Adler - NMS. I could see it on a boy though.
    Annabel - I like the "Annabelle" spelling otherwise it just incomplete to me.
    Avery - I really like this as a boys name. It just seems so handsome to me.
    Bellamy - NMS.
    Dahlia - I really like this one. Soft and sweet, but still a bit unusual.
    Daphne - I like this one.
    Delilah - Very sweet choice.
    Georgia - Really cute. It strikes me as "Southern Belle" kind of name.
    Greer - Different. Don't hate it, but don't love it.
    Indiana - Again, I love it for boys. But I think its just because of the Indiana Jones association.
    Kendall - sounds like "Ken Doll". Just not attractive to my ears.
    Magnolia - I'm really warming up to this one.
    Rowan - This is one of the few unisex names that I like on girls.
    Sadie - Very cute.
    Sawyer - Again I love it for boys. Probably because of "Lost".
    Savannah - The H on the end seems a bit unnecessary to me. Otherwise a pretty nice decent name.
    Scarlett - I love this one. But I am pretty big "Gone with the wind" fan.
    Sloane - NMS
    Sutton - NMS
    Tallulah - It's alright.

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    Adler - this reminds me of the adder snake, too. If you switched it to Alder though, it would be a tree.
    Annabel - it's okay. I don't love it or hate it.
    Avery - I think this one was super popular about ten years ago. It's feeling a little stale to me now.
    Bellamy - I think this is actually a guy's name in Europe, and I'm generally not a fan of boys names going femme, but this one is kind of cool.
    Dahlia - I like it.
    Daphne - No. I can't get past the "daffy" bit.
    Delilah - I don't care for the Biblical namesake...woman who betrays her boyfriend to his enemies, not very romantic in my book.
    Georgia - This one is growing on me.
    Greer - NMS.
    Indiana - if you've ever been to's not exactly inspiring.
    Kendall - Makes me think of Kindle.
    Magnolia - LOVE IT. And it comes with awesome nns Meg, Mia, Nola, Maggie...
    Rowan - Boy name.
    Sadie - I don't really like this as a given name, maybe as a nickname.
    Sawyer - Boy name.
    Savannah - Pretty.
    Scarlett - I like this one.
    Sloane - I don't think this one is attractive at all.
    Sutton - same as Sloane.
    Tallulah - NMS.

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    Devonnw: thanks!

    Bananie: thanks! It's crazy how personal associations can change how people view different names.

    Mariahsweet: thanks for being so specific. We have a lot of the same feelings about names.

    Meaganeve: thanks for your thoughts!

    Liviajoan: thanks for your thoughts! I love some of your combos... Especially Daphne Greer!

    Valentine: thanks for your thoughts! I like Adler on a girl because of Irene Adler.

    Mrsantonyelchin: thanks so much for your thoughts! You hit the nail on the head with some of them.

    Saracita: Thanks for your thoughts! I actually have lived in Indiana and attended a university there so it has some special meaning to me.

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