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    Opinions/Perceptions Wanted

    These are some names my fiancé and I have discussed for our hypothetical future children. Some are names I love and some are names he "loves."

    I'd love it if you would give us any thoughts/opinions/perceptions/etc. of any or all of the names.


    Be as brutal as you want! Have at it! Thanks!!

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    My favorites are Annabel, Avery, Dahlia, and Kendall.

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    Adler - Unique, I like it!
    Annabel - Reminds me of the little Christmas Cow, sorry....
    Avery - Only like it on a boy. I know several teenage boys with this name.
    Bellamy - Very cute! I love this one for a little girl.
    Dahlia - I think this is beautiful, but it has some dirogotory attachments.
    Daphne - One of my favorites. Reminds me of soft, pink, feminine.
    Delilah - I like the name and the sound, but it has dirogotory attachments as well.
    Georgia - No, I don't like this at all. Reminds me of someone that is mean and pecemistic.
    Greer - I love Greer! Very uptown Old Hollywood.
    Indiana - For a boy? Indiana Jones? Not too fond of it.
    Kendall - Yes, I love this one for a boy or a girl!
    Magnolia - I like the nn Maggie, but the entire name is doing an unjustice to a little girl.
    Rowan - Not very fond of Rowan. I know a boy named Rowan who is a brat. Maybe that has some pull here....
    Sadie - I love Sadie! It is one of the cutest!
    Sawyer - Also love Sawyer! Sounds strong and handsome for a boy.
    Savannah - I associate this name with snobby, bratty girls. Sorry....
    Scarlett - IMO...One of the best for a little girl today. I love it!
    Sloane - No, reminds me of Slug for some reason.
    Sutton - This one is so, so.... Nice on a young man in prep school.
    Tallulah - This sounds like a pole dancer or a stripper to me. Don't like it at all.

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    I enjoyed reading this list and like many of these names. My thoughts on these:

    Adler -Reminds me of the word "addle" and also of the Adder Snake. I'd avoid..
    Annabel - Lovely and my favorite spelling. Clean and classic.
    Avery - Energetic, truly unisex.
    Bellamy - Unsure about this one. I think I really like it, sounds both femme and contemporary.
    Dahlia - Reminds me of "Black Dahlia" and sounds too naughty for my tastes lol
    Daphne - Goofy to my ear, too Scooby Doo.
    Delilah - Another risque name with too-strong associations.
    Georgia - Saucy yet solid? This is my #1 girl pick.
    Greer - Makes me think of grey things.
    Indiana - Cowgirl, but borderline exotic dancer. Also Indiana Jones, unisex. Could be very cool with Indie as a nickname.
    Kendall - I always hear "Ken Doll" with this one.
    Magnolia - Grateful Dead's Sugar Magnolia. People over 30 will make the connection and sing the song to her.
    Rowan - Male.
    Sadie - I see "Sad" and it reminds me of washerwomen.
    Sawyer - Male.
    Savannah -Southern belle, a little 80's.
    Scarlett - Really southern belle. But I like it, lots of panache.
    Sloane - Ferris Bueller, 80's. I think it's cool.
    Sutton - Lauren Sutton. I think the sound is too harsh, though.
    Tallulah - Better for a pet, but I think it's pretty.

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    Adler - reminds me of Alfred Alder (I loved learning about him in undergrad)
    Annabel - This is a little too quaint for my tastes.
    Avery - sort of boring in my opinion
    Bellamy - I really love this. It is unusual but not weird
    Dahlia - I just don't like the sound of this name
    Daphne - Another one I just don't care for the sound
    Delilah - Too quaint, a little cheesy in my opinion.
    Georgia - I like it alright
    Greer - it's okay. I like that it is somewhat unisex in my opinion.
    Indiana - I have no associations with the state of Indiana so to me this is a bit boring.
    Kendall - I just hear "ken doll," as in Barbie's boyfriend.
    Magnolia - I like it. I'm from the south so this has positive conotations for me.
    Rowan - it's okay
    Sadie - Sounds like more of a pet name to me. A little bit nick-namey
    Sawyer - Love it.
    Savannah - Like it.
    Scarlett - This is boarderline stripper name in my opinion.
    Sloane - I like it.
    Sutton - sounds like button... just not my style.
    Tallulah - too quaint. I think of tallulah bankhead, but that's not a bad thing.

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