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    Harlow Stella Herman?

    We love the name Harlow, but Harlow Herman? We can't decide if we love it or hate it. Herman is kind of a tough last name.
    We have two middle names to satisfy both sides of the family.

    Harlow Stella Blake Herman or
    Stella Harlow Blake Herman


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    I love alliteration, I've said it time and again on this site. I think it makes a person more memorable and there are many, many celebrities with alliterative names. Harlow Herman sounds great to my ears.

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    Harlow Herman sounds like a grouchy old man to me. I would choose something very feminine - like Stella - for her first name and keep the unisex names in the middle. Stella Harlow Blake for me.

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    I prefer Stella Herman. Herman is such a old-fashion boys name that I think the first name should be more feminine than Harlow. Whether or not alliteration is ok depends entirely on the names. Sorry to say but I find Harlow Herman kind of cartoonish and having said the combo out loud a couple of times it turned into "hallo herman".
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    I love alliteration, but not this time. Stella Herman works so much better to my ear.

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