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    Beau/Bowen-- to me these are two totally different names. I know several guys named Beau, but I live in the south. It's frequently a nickname (bestowed for no apparent reason) and not a given name. Beau makes me think of "good ole' boys" who spend their weekends hunting, fishing and drinking. This is the kind of guy who changes his own oil, has shot a deer, likes his beer and believes chivalry isn't dead. Bowen, on the otherhand, reminds me of a surfer boy. Blond hair, amazing tan, and not a thought in his head.
    Boone- reminds me of Boone's Farm. Or Daniel Boone.
    Deacon- Reese Witherspoon's son's name. Obvious religious overtones. Nms.
    Dean- makes me think of Dean Cane (superman). Not a huge fan.
    Destry- meh
    Duke- not a fan. It has very southern overtones for me. Dukes of Hazard.
    Everett- cute
    Gunnar- very scandinavian, but I can see this as being a hard name for a kid to wear. Or he could be the most kick-ass kid ever and make everyone wish he was scandinavian.
    Hawthorne- Love it. Love the author, love the nn possibilities, love the distinctiveness of the name.
    Holden- Love it. Catcher in the Rye is one of my favorites.
    Jasper- Love it. Great name independent of Twilight.
    Lincoln- not a huge fan.
    Remington- leaving politics out of it, not a fan
    Rhett- Gone with the Wind. Love.
    River- I can only think of River Phoenix, which just kind of makes me sad.
    Shepherd- Makes me think of Derek Shepherd on Grey's Anatomy... who is an excellent namesake. Mild religious overtones. Shep is a cute nn.
    Silas- Reminds me of Silas from Weeds. Cute name. Offbeat. I like it.
    Wade- not a fan. Makes me think of the duck from Garfield and Friends
    Wilder- Makes me think of Van Wilder (the movie). Not in a good way.
    Wyatt- very masculine and rugged. I like it.

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    Collmcc: Thanks for being so specific! You mentioned a lot of my reservations about certain names and some associations I hadn't thought of.

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    Southern Tennessee, believe it or not.
    Beau/Bowen - Beau is cute, Bowen reminds me of David Bowie, which is neutral for me.
    Boone - Boondocks
    Deacon - A church deacon
    Dean - Dean from Harry Potter
    Destry - Feathers, for some reason
    Duke - A dog's name, Dukes of Hazzard
    Everett - Mt. Everest
    Gunnar - Someone who guns people down :/
    Hawthorne - Eh, it's alright.
    Holden - NMS
    Jasper - Jasper, a dog owned by Dana Perino from Fox News
    Lincoln - The automobile company
    Remington - Rifles
    Rhett - Butler
    River - Cute
    Shepherd - Shepard Smith from Fox News (My mom watches a lot of Fox News)
    Silas - A little boy I met once
    Wade - My great-great uncle
    Wilder - Handsome
    Wyatt - An annoying cartoon character from Super Why
    Madison, 14-year-old name nerd! My style is all over the place, my favorites change all the time.

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    Girls: Emmanuelle, Frederica, Jayne, Juliet, Lauren, Mary, Molly, Nora, Raffaela, Stella.

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    Beau/Bowen- I love Beau, while Bowen is a type of treatment I get from my chiropractor
    Boone- I see the appeal, but would never personally use it. It sounds sort of silly.
    Deacon- I much prefer Declan, but don't hate it.
    Dean- Never really loved this, but many ppl seem to!
    Destry- Sorry, NMS and don't understand the appeal.
    Duke- This is cute, but I would prefer as just a nn.
    Everett- I have always liked this one.
    Gunnar- Sounds violent. Boys these days don't need names that provoke violence IMO.
    Hawthorne- Very cool.
    Holden- Love this! I also love Hollis on a boy, which reminds me of Holden.
    Jasper- Love it.
    Lincoln- Very popular for young boys where I live. It's ok.
    Remington- I love Remy, but unfortunately do not like the connotations of this fn.
    Rhett- This is cool, I also see this as a nn option for Everett OR a less popular alternative depending on what you care about in a name.
    River- Love it.
    Shepherd- I don't mind it, love the nn Shep.
    Silas- My favourite on your entire list I think. So handsome and cool at the same time.
    Wade- Same as Boone.
    Wilder- I used to hate this name, but I met a Wilder the other day. Now I have a small name crush on it. (This Wilder was 17 btw, so not as if it was the start of an upswing in popularity)
    Wyatt- Used to love it, it's gotten popular, but I still really like it.

    You and your husband at least seem to have similar style in names because these names are all quite distinct, and a lot of great brother sibsets could come from this list!

    Silas, Jasper and Beau seem like brothers to me.
    Wilder and Holden would be great.
    21 years old and trying to save the world

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    Mge: thanks for the associations... Always helpful!

    Silverr: thanks for your thoughts, and you're right... Those are some great sibsets IMO

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