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    Can Adair be a nickname for Arabella?

    I have an Arabella & LOVE her name. However now that she is walking & running I am constantly yelling ehr name which is quite long. Up to now, everyone (us, friends, family) have used her full name. but I think it is time to go with a nickname. I dislike Belle/Bella. Ara (Air-ah) is a natural nickname, but I recently saw the name Adair and wondered if we could pull that off as a nickname. Do you like it more or less than Ara? Is it too much of a stretch for a nn?

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    I first assumed it was prn ah-ruh-bell-uh but if you say air-uh-bell-uh then I think it makes even more sense. I think it's important even if you don't plan to call her by a nickname to have one in place so people don't give her one you don't like. I say sure, even though I think you'll have to explain it at first.

    I'm planning on calling a Marguerite "Maple" or maybe even another non-M name and I know most people will be confused as it's not a nickname commonly used for that name. But that's the great thing, it doesn't have to be! If she likes Adair, then try it out and eventually people will get used to it.
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    I think it's definitely too much of a stretch. Maybe Abby/Abbie it's not typical for Arabella but would work much easier than Adair....

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    I don't think it could. It's not close at all. Ari, Bellie, Bells, Ella, Ellie, Elle, Lala... -- My Amazon Author Page

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    It's a stretch. If you want to nn her Adair, cool, but I wouldn't claim it's at all related to Arabella.

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