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    Names for Our Bi-Racial (Asian/White) Baby

    So, choosing a good name for our mixed race baby hasn't been the easiest, mostly because I'm just not sure what they will look like! My husband is Filipino and Japanese, and I am Scandinavian and Celtic. We both love our cultures and want to bring them into our baby name. We want a unique but not over-the-top name that is classic with a modern twist. Kind of a hard check list! We don't know yet if it is a boy or girl, and will likely wait to be surprised. These are my top choices, and we could use all the advice we can get!

    Maleia Pearl (Leila for short?)
    Isla Mei
    Emi Laine

    Kaito James
    Silas Kaede
    Aiden Elizan

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    Isla Mei is pretty. Emi is a little cutesy for my comfort level (do you like Emiko Laine nn Emi?). Maleia Pearl would be my second choice. Kaito James is quite awesome. I love the name Silas. Have you considered Silas Kaito as a combo? I find Aiden Elizan too matchy with the "n" endings. I wouldn't worry about the looks of your child. Children have a strange tendency to grow into their names. Good luck!
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    Isla Mei and Kaito James are the two that jumped out to me, too.
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    I like the suggestion of Silas Kaito!! May I also suggest Silas Elizan? Aiden is cute, but getting too overdone where I live. Isla Mei my favorite of your girls, though I think they're all lovely! I think you've got great taste!
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    Maybe something like Mariko for a girl? It's Japanese, but definitely has a European flavor to it. Other Japanese girls' names that have that either-way feel (like the names you already listed) are Miya, Akira, Hana, Mika/Miki, Noa, Rin/Rina. For boys names in that category, I'd put Jiro, Ken (and related names), Ryo/Rio.

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