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    Exclamation New loves -- opinions, suggestions, and imagery

    I love these names -- especially for brothers... Jasper and Roman. I was thinking maybe Jasper Kyle, but it's definitely not set in stone. If there is a middle name for Jasper that I like better than Jasper Kyle, then I would add it to my list in place of Jasper Kyle. Middle names for both Jasper and Roman would be amazing. When you picture a boy named Jasper or Roman, what kind of kid would they be (like personalty or looks). So, middle name suggestions for Jasper and Roman would be awesome as well as what kind of kid you think Jasper or Roman would be based on just their names? Thank you so much!! :-)


    ***Kyle actually honors a close friend. I don't have to honor him in this combo though, because I've already honored him with Easton Malachi. :-)

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    Opinions, middle name suggestions, and imagery would be awesome, thanks. Please read the above post for more info. Thank you!! :-)

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    Jasper Kyle is sweet! Especially as it honours a friend. Jasper is a very sweet little boy to me, sandy blonde half long hair, a gorgeous mischievous smile. A sweet little boy who loves to cuddle.

    Jasper Miles
    Jasper Edmund
    Jasper Laurence

    Roman's more serious, a little boy who loves trains and model airplanes. Quiet and sensitive.
    Roman Lionel
    Roman Hugh
    Roman Everett
    Roman Elias
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    All the Romans I've known are into the rap/thug scene. I do love the name though and had been considering it.
    Jasper I also loved until my sister in law named her dog that.
    Jasper Everett
    Roman Oliver

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    Jasper makes me picture an adorable little boy with very dark brown, straight hair and blue eyes. It strikes me as energetic and active as well as handsome, the kind of kid who has a mischievous twinkle in his eye. Roman makes me think of a boy with caramel-colored wavy or curly hair and large eyes, maybe blue or possibly amber. It seems a bit more serious than Jasper, makes me think of an precocious, winsome, intelligent little boy, one of those adorable kids who act like they're five going on forty.

    Jasper Rhys
    Jasper Flint
    Jasper Eli
    Jasper Lucas
    Jasper Leo
    Jasper Clay
    Jasper Micah
    Jasper Levi
    Jasper Nico

    Roman Paul
    Roman Connor
    Roman Drake
    Roman Chase
    Roman Eli
    Roman Jude
    Roman Luca
    Roman Trace
    Roman James
    Catherine Zelie | Jude Francis
    Elanor Magdalene | Finnian ??
    Rosemary Lark | Calder Timothy
    Genevieve ?? | William Augustine
    Agnes Valentine | Harrison Peter

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    Elizabeth ~ Therese ~ Maisy ~ Susannah ~ Molly ~ Juniper

    August ~ Harrison ~ Benedict ~ Andrew/Ander ~ Ignatius
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