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    I absolutely love the name Eloise.. it's my favorite of all those you suggested.

    I think the name Violet would go best with the names Ava and Asher though if it really is equal between the 2 names.

    Amelia is a lovely name to continue with a 'A' trend my only concern with that is what if you have more children? (planned or unplanned)... Will you continue naming then with 'A's?

    Middle names are generally fine and I'm not necessarily a fan of matchy first and middle names as my children will most probably never be called by their middle names... I also just tend to stick a family name in there in honor of someone.

    I would really stick with Violet or Amelia... both are lovely names

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    Violet Amelia Joy
    Violet Joyce Eloise

    Eloise is all right but I think Violet goes with her siblings' names better.
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    Go with Amelia Violet. Usually I'm all for the name Violet but with 2 A names I feel like she'll feel left out or something. So definitely go with Amelia Violet or Amelia Violet Joyce or Amelia Joyce Violet. Either way they sound really cute!
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    Violet is my pick.. Violet Amelia is very pretty too, just saying!
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    Violet is definitely my pick! I think it's so lovely and soft! Eloise is a little harsh in my ears and imo, not as pretty.
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