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    Violet or Eloise?

    In real life, I only get negative feedback for these two names even though I think they're soooo lovely. I'm pretty set on using Violet or Eloise for my no. 3 (siblings are Ava and Asher). How do you feel about these names? Which is your favorite?

    Amelia will be our tie breaker name.

    Middle name will be Joy/Joyce after my grandmother. I'm debating on giving her two middle names just because I can't decide. What's everyone's general feelings on that?


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    With Ava and Asher, I really love Violet! Eloise is nice, as well, and nice with Ava and Asher... I've just never gotten the appeal of Eloise. I like Elise and Louisa much more. I think Violet Amelia Joy would be quite swoonworthy, actually... I'm a big fan of two middles.
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    I love the name Violet as well! I also love the way the name Eloise flows off the tongue. I don't like the idea of two middle names, but think there are so many beautiful options out there, its hard to settle on just one. My husband and I have moved around a lot during our relationship and I don't really see that stopping, so I love that the Violet is actually the state flower of the one we are currently residing in Nature is something we both love, and I love names that evoke some type of emotion. Good luck naming baby number 3!

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    Shamelessly bumping for more suggestions!

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    My favourite is Violet, I never really got the appeal of Eloise, it's just too frilly for my taste. And I think Violet goes really well with your other children's names. I like Amelia too, but not as much as Violet.

    I am definitely for two middles, all of my combinations have two middles, I just like the way it sounds with two and there are so many great names!
    Since Violet is three syllables (I think, I have just been sat saying Violet and counting, it's three the way I say it) I would do a 3-1-2 syllable count with the names.

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